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Tar Shad

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Awarded by , 03-22-2016 at 09:08 AM (735 Views)
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Went fishing with a few fellow angler's on Sunday and had a great time! We started off at Wiggins but the bites were scarce. Crassostrea managed to hook 2 and land 1 despite the low water conditions. We made the move up to Rocky Mount to finish off the afternoon and glad we did. Dbeam was the first to hook up with a very nice shad! later on I hooked into 3 shad but lost 2 at the bank. Was a good day to see old and new friends even in the cold weather! look forward to fishing with you all again!
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  1. Dtown's Avatar
    Great shad Darryl.
  2. Horace's Avatar
    Nice one !!!
  3. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Absolute beast, Darrell! Never been shad fishing. Maybe someone will let me tag along next year!
  4. jonathan creason's Avatar
    My knowledge of shad fishing is completely limited to what I read on here, but I know enough to know that's a pig! Nice catch, Darrell. I gotta give that a try one of these days.
  5. dbeam's Avatar
    Thanks Guys,

    Jerry, Gremlins is a great shad fisherman and guide, If you get a chance to get after some next year I highly recommend it.