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Weldon was on Fire Today

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Awarded by , 03-23-2016 at 09:14 AM (686 Views)
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Had the day off and my son was also on Spring break so I asked him did he want to go catch some shad. He said "sure". Wow!!!, now he is 19 and his priorities are school, girls, friends, girls, and did I say girls? and not necessarily in that order. So I was surprised and happy he chose to go shad fishing.
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We didn't leave town until 2 so I really had 2 choices. The Tar near Rocky Mount or Weldon. I chose Weldon. I looked at usgs.gov and they had the flow listed at 10,500 cfm. I then looked at Dominion Powers release schedule and it was supposed to stay at that for at least 2 more days. We got there the water was muddy. I like mud for Bass fishing but not Shad fishing. I actually thought about heading south to the Tar but something told me to stay. We were fishing by 3:45 and the first Shad came to hand on the first or second cast. We caught too many to count. We fished 5 or so spots and all produced fish. when the action slowed on one spot we drifted down 50 yds or so, anchored and the action repeated.

All hits came on White 2 inch Berkely Powerbait grubs on a 1/8 oz Pink Jig head. It was a great few hours on the water with my son.

We finished the day off by stopping at Ralph's BBQ where one of my sister in laws works at so we got to see her and eat some great food.

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  1. Mark B's Avatar
    Sounds like a great day. I'm glad you got some nice shad.
  2. WNCSLIM's Avatar
    Haven't caught shad in years. Used to go down to St. Johns in Fl. and catch Americans that were 3.5 to 4 lbs, that is some fun fishing. Congrats