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Oak Hollow 4-3-16: The not so dead sea

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I wanted to fish Saturday but Sunday was my only option. There was a Big Bass Bash tournament scheduled for Randleman and I knew from past experience it would be a zoo. Not wanting to deal with that mess I had to decide where to go. Ultimately I decided to stick close to the house and hit Oak Hollow. I had read from the most recent shocking study that Oak hollow had a higher density and better quality bass than City Lake (slight advantages), plus my PB came out of there. I knew with the weather it would be tough but I was hoping for 5 bites and hopefully a big one. I figured if it was terrible I could always bail and go to City Lake.

I put on at 9:15 with near white caps hitting the ramp and people leaving already (not good). I ran up shallow and started fishing. To make a long story short, from 9:15 till about 2:00 I hadn't landed a fish. It was too late to bail to City Lake so I had to keep my head down and fish. The worst part was that I had gotten bites but they would not commit. A couple felt like they were inhaling the lure then quit. Super frustrating. Finally, I caught a skinny 16" fish on a crankbait. I actually did a little dance I was so happy to get the skunk off. A few casts later I had a fish hit and run with a T-rig but the hook point never cleared the bait. I hoped things were picking up but I fished quite a while without a bite. Decided to recycle the area where I caught the one fish and got another keeper on a spinnerbait. I was running out of time and the other side of the creek arm was in good shade. Figuring shade would be good on a bluebird day, I headed over there and within a few minutes caught a near 4 lb fish which instantly upgraded the trip from blah to not bad. Just a bit further up I made probably my third cast to the same bush felt a tick and the lure stop, set the hook and instantly knew it was a good one. The fish was 6 lbs, the biggest bass I've landed in a while. The day just went from not bad to really freakin good. I fished up to a point and caught a 3-8 on the end of it. Staying on the shady bank, I hooked another fish that was certainly in the 4 lb range that I lost at the boat. Capped the day off with one more keeper then it was time to leave. It was a magic 90 minute stretch that makes fishing so special and keeps you going when it's bad. I cursed myself more than once during the day that I hadn't gone to RRR but I'm certainly glad I didn't.

The 6 pounder (21.5")
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The others (3-11 & 3-8)
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