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Neuse River Stripers 4 - 9 - 16

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So Bro did a little research and found a place to try to escape the wind and target striped bass on the Neuse River today. We went and netted a bunch of shad yesterday evening and called a couple buddies. Myself, BrotherStew, Shawn aka Tazzman and Skooter met just after sunrise this morning and set off down river for all of our first times on the stretch.

The current was incredibly difficult to come back up river, and the water was fairly shallow. We saw Cypress knees all over. Really a beautiful stretch of river. We didnít find water deeper than 7 or 8 feet all day. I went the furthest down first but fishing was slow. It took a few spots before I found the fish were biting in the fastest of currents. My first hookup was a flathead, probably a 7 or 8 pounder, but it fought hard.

We were all using cut shad fished on Carolina rigs on the bottom. The wind was really blowing but as we figured the river helped a lot. Thereís no way we would have hit a local lake today, in our yaks or our boats.

My second fish was a really nice striper. The bite was very slow and touchy today. If you saw any irregularity in your rod tip, the best thing to do was to set the hook. We dealt with eels too. So after a very slight bite and a solid hook set the fight was on. The fish took several runs and tore drag from the reel. We all had radios today so I let them know I had a fish on and thought it was a rockfish. I didnít bring a net and was using my grippers to hold onto a laydown, so I had to lip the striper. It took several attempts before heíd even give me a shot, but luckily I kept tension on the fish and pulled him into the yak. He was easily between 8.5 to 9.5 pounds but I didnít have a scale. Shawn had a tape though and we saw he was 26.5Ē A slot fish for the river and a half inch short of being a keeper. So back to the water it went.

Then after a short break on the shore for a bite to eat and rest, I attached myself to another laydown. Shawn was behind me and I watched him battle a striper a few moments before it broke free. Then I hooked another. It was a twin for the first Iíd caught and the fight was much the same. After landing it we measured again and saw another 26.5Ē fat fish. While we were measuring I had the other rod go off and it tore down river out of control. I probably had it on 8 or 9 seconds before it cut me off clean on a snag. Gut punch. It was a really big fish and I couldnít even turn it. Overmatched I was and with a fish in the yak I needed to measure and release it was hectic.

I landed a nice channel cat after that, which fought just like a striper, probably another 7 or 8 pound class fish.

That was my last for the day. The regs are pretty much the same as the Roanoke, but we didnít keep anything. All the fish seemed really healthy and were released very much alive. Not a lot of fish caught but what was landed was well worth the trip. Iíll let the other guys comment and share their days and pics if they want.

The bite is turning on.
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