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Well Done in Weldon!

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Prior to this week, I had been to Weldon in a boat and bank fishing for shad before, but never from a kayak and never for striper. Flows were down, and I knew the fish were there, so I figured I'd tough it out and give it a shot, even if I had to go alone...

Day 1 - Most epic day of fishing in my life. I got to the Roanoke at 5:45 Thursday morning. Reports from Wednesday morning and the day before looked bleak but I had to try. Keeper season ended Saturday. So I figured even if I only caught one it would be worth it. I got to the water and was greeted by the biggest school of stripers I've ever seen in my life. I rushed to unload the yak and headed off into the swift current. I was the third boat to the rapids and cast a bucktail because I was in too big a hurry to rig up cut bait. Third cast, Bam! Fish on! Reeled in a beautiful keeper fish.

Next cast, another! And another! I went 7 Fish on my next 10 casts on a buck tail. It was epic. I looked up to realize there were now 15 boats crowded around working the same pool, and I was the only kayak. Not going to lie, if the fish hadn't been biting I would have been scared half to death. By 7 am I had 10 fish and I called Turtlestewbro, who I had met last week at the Neuse, and told him to get his butt up there. He canceled all his work and took off. By the time He got there the bite had slowed but I was sitting at 27 stripers. Most keeper with two just in the slot and a couple shorts.

I took a break from fishing with all the crazies and almost getting run over several times, literally one boat came within 2 foot when they were fighting a Fish and not paying attention. I helped Tommy unload and snapped a quick pic of the chaos, even though several boats had already left by this point.

When he finally got in the water he wasn't too keen on jumping into the frenzy of idiots so we went down river to soak bait. Fishing was slower down there but I managed four on cut bait, although most were low keeper size to undersize.

I decided to go back to the rapids even though things were slower. I lost my anchor earlier when I snagged it in a brush pile and had to cut it to get out of a really bad situation, so I had to tie to a rock way up in the rapids to fish. I immediately hooked up. And again. And again.

Two big boats immediately rush over below me in the middle of the current and begin casting over me, at a right angle to how every other fisherman was casting, to try to steal my fish. Jokes on them, in the next hour and a half none of them caught anything while I pulled in 13 more fish, bringing my total to 44! I took home two for dinner and decided I'd head home early at 2pm. You know I've had a good day when I go home early. Probably could have caught 20-30 more before dark but I risked my life enough for one day. Don't get me wrong, 75 percent of the people out there were nice, polite, and courteous. The other 25 were crappy excuses for human beings, let alone fishermen. The guides were actually the nicest and most helpful people I talked too, which was refreshing. One even fussed out a guy for getting too close to me. All in all I had a great day but I'm beat up and battered.

Almost forgot, here's my dinner guests!

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  1. dbeam's Avatar
    Great Choice Randy, Congratulations on the Blog Award Cody, well deserved.

  2. rmhpmi's Avatar
    if the fish hadn't been biting I would have been scared half to death
    Man, you must have ice water in your veins! I think I'd have given up after almost getting run over. Fish ON!
  3. KHNC's Avatar
    Sweet! Nice job from a yak!
  4. Swampin''s Avatar
    Thanks Y'all!
  5. fuquay fisherman's Avatar
    I'm guessing that ascend is working out for you! Good job.