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Lake Norman 5-6-16

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Me and "John Boat" fished Lake Norman out of Queens Landing yesterday. We got on the water about 7:30, and fished until around 6:30. We ended up catching 11 or 12 (surprisingly 4 or 5 were largemouth, not spots) with probably 7 keepers. Our best 5 were around 10-11lbs, and Isaac caught most of the better ones lol.

We figured the conditions would be pretty tough after all the rain and the cold front. Right off the bat, he caught a decent largemouth, and a nice spot both pushing 3lbs.

Then it was pretty slow for awhile, until we finally found some more fish. It took us a little while to get 5 keepers, but we managed to. It slowed down for a little longer until near the end of the day, and the bite started to pick up again. Isaac caught another largemouth around 3lbs, and we caught a couple other smaller fish.

It turned out to be a pretty good day, and was a little pre fishing for my first tourney next week... So I can't give out too much info lol!...

The water temps were around 68-70 throughout the day, and it was relatively clear. We caught most of our fish off of docks on plastic baits. Of course the lewisfishing special, fluke, was a bait of choice...

My last cast bass lol...

The bream kept tearing up our baits along the banks, and I finally managed to hook one lol...

Thanks for reading, and all fish were released!

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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Wait. You took the bait outta the pics? lol. Anyway, good job on the fish!
  2. dbeam's Avatar
    Congratulations on the Blog award Gentlemen,

  3. lizard's Avatar
    Fish Lake Norman Sunday morning as well. The spots were very hungry in the early am. Between me and my son we landed 15 in an hour 1/2. Even catching 2 at a time.