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Awarded by , 05-20-2016 at 09:40 AM (485 Views)
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Finally! May 19, 2016!! Three was the charm as the first two blew up but missed.

The forecast called for clouds building in the afternoon. They did as we launched at 345pm under mostly cloudy conditions. Wind forecast was for East at 10. It was...pretty good topwater conditions. Tide was rising and we headed out to a marsh creek and had some small blues badgering our topwaters.

Made the move to a big flat. Still not finding them. Had some bigger blues interested, but bluefish were not our quarry. Then at 530, right on cue with the Solunar Table...I saw one! a more beautiful sight I haven't seen in way too long. Working a Spartina grass line a few minutes later with renewed enthusiasm, KABOOSH!!! Lure disappears, 8' MHF Rod loads up, fish heads straight for me but comes unbuttoned at the bow. I'm ecstatic. The adrenilon is pumpin. Keep movin, working the grass lines. Dragged the Top Dog Jr across a point KABOOSH! Another cement block explodes and kills the quiet. Missed! I'm giggling like a school girl. God I Love Topwater. Target a 10' break in the grass line with current. KABLOOSH!!! The red/white plug disappears, drag starts squealin, it's on! Stout fish, strong. Made two powerful runs then had her boat side. Slipped the net under her and hoist her on the bow. Quick measurement, 28". Quick pix, then revive her to watch her swim off
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