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Pamlico Report and a kids firsts x2!!!

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Set out yesterday morning on the great vast Pamlico to start off a 4 day weekend for myself. I took my neighbor and his son with me, both who have fished salt water before but not in the skinnys of NC. Well to say the least, I definitely have a couple of new fishing partners whenever I need them!THEY ARE HOOKED NOW!!!

The weather played perfect with the winds laying low and keeping the water calm but just blowing enough to keep us cooled down. We ended up with my neighbors son catching his very first speckled trout today and his very first flounder (and a really nice one at that).

Totals for the day were:

just a little over 30 specs-most undersized, but brought home 8 keepers

9 little spunky stripers

And lastly the one nice doormat flounder, at 22" this kid was thrilled and so was his dad and I! Had another flounder on the line that spit the hook right at the boat that was pretty close to the same size if not bigger!

All fish caught using gulp artificial baits. My depth finder said the surface water temp was at 72-74.

It was a great day of fishing and making unforgettable memories!!!

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    Thank you for the post award!!
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    Nice photos, great trip. It is nice to see the big "PAM" giving up some trout, especially after last year. Next year should be a killer if we don't have a freeze in the winter. I am jealous, but, keep it up. Charlie (smilingsam)