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Memorial weekend mixed bag on the river

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Awarded by , 06-03-2016 at 09:57 AM (711 Views)

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The family spent memorial weekend in a cabin on my new favorite wnc river. We chose a great stretch that really produced. Over 30 smallies, 10 rainbows, I think 6 rock bass, and even a couple suckers.*

Great weekend that saw my oldest son catch his first smallmouth and rainbow trout, and I landed trout, smallmouth and rock bass on a fly rod for the first time. I lost what appeared to be a 5 lb trout and also a 3lb smb on the fly, but overall we did well. Some other guys in the area also lost some big trout to line breaks. One they estimated over 28" after losing the battle. Mine pictured below was a nice 16" and I was lucky to have a spinning reel in my hand to land it.*

Awesome weekend has me now looking for property on this great stretch of river which most of you know.

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  1. ZachFaircloth's Avatar
    Looks like an awesome time
  2. EvBlue's Avatar
    It doesn't get better than that, Eric.
  3. dbeam's Avatar
    Great Report! Congratulate that young man on the front page for me as well.