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Poppin on the Neuse

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Awarded by , 06-27-2016 at 10:20 AM (562 Views)
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I decided to try out some new waters this weekend. Seeing there was an inshore tournament on Saturday in the Swan Quarter area, I made the decision to head a little further south to the Neuse. After a quick chat with Captain Dave of Minnesott Beach Bait & Tackle (Pamlico Tackle), I had a starting point.

We were on the water at 6:30 and making our way out of the main creek. I wanted to make about a 30 minute run east but the steady north east wind and a big storm cloud made me change my game plan right from the start. Decided to err on the side of caution and stay close to see where those dark clouds were headed. So we decided to hit a few creeks around the ramp.

Started working a few wind blown points around the marinas. First fish in the boat was a 12" puppy drum. Followed shortly by another. A few casts later, I got slammed by a 19" slot drum. We hadn't even been fishing 30 minutes and in these new waters and we've already had a "successful" day in my eyes. Made a short move to another creek. Picked up a few short flounder off of a grassy bank with another few small 8"-14" pups. Went up into a small cove working a sandy shoreline and found a 17" flounder on a redfish magic spinner bait. Made our way picking at docks here and there picking up more of the short puppy drum. Did find a 23" drum that put up one heck of a fight to stay under the dock that I was trying to yank him out from under. 2 docks down, I found a 13" black drum.

Most interesting battle happened towards the end of the fishing trip. Making our way down another creek working some docks, my trusty popping cork shoots under. A swift hook set and it feels like a log that is kicking here and there. I tell my partner to grab the net as I think I have a big flatty on the line. Fish gets about 5' from the boat and all of a sudden I see "wings". At this same time, he saw the boat and decided to let us know he saw the boat by turning his head and peeling off about 50-60 yards in about 3 seconds. Biggest problem was that he shot back through and around the dock! I realized there was no way I was going to make it under and around the dock before he spooled me or broke me off on the dock and grabbed the spool. So if anyone sees an orange bomber popping cork "swimming" around the Neuse, there is about a 3' ray attached to it.

All said and done, we picked up 26 reds, most in the 10"-14" range, 3 flounder, and a black drum. I cannot complain with that performance at all, especially on new to me waters. A big thanks to Captain Dave at Minnesott Beach Bait & Tackle for the advice. We got a long weekend coming up, be safe out there and tight lines.
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