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Great day on the water with my brother.

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Headed east after work Friday. Got a late start heading down but made it here around 9:30pm. We stayed up late and talking fishing and ended up getting a late start in the morning leaving the ramp around 8:30is.
Headed to a spot we have caught flounder in the past (years ago haven't fished this area in 5 years) and realized after the first drift crap I forgot the net!
Short ride back to the boat ramp to grab the net and we were off again. Passed a small creek and saw bait busting on the way back out so decided to stop and make a few casts.

Well first cast bam a nice 14.5in flounder. Alright let's drop the anchor pole and make a few more. Well a few more cast and bam I'm stuck. Nope I'm not it's the head shake of a mad flounder. Get it to the boat and realize it's a nice keeper it sees me and off it goes again. (Thank god we have the net now) I get it back to the boat and my brother nets it. Day was starting out good!
She measured 20in on the nose. To the live well she went. We continued to work the are and caught 2 more shorts and moved on down the bank. Second spot we come to I hook a trout! I couldn't believe it I've only been able to catch trout in the fall! We anchor back down again and catch 2 more. All just shy of the mark but fat fish.

After working the same bank for about a mile my brother says I'm snagged can slow us down. I stop the trolling motor are you sure your snagged. Yeah. Comes up and another big flounder! Grab the net! We net it and another 19.5 in fish. We proceeded to fish this area for the rest of the day and ended up with 4 fish over 18inches and one big one lost at the boat! Oh well was a little upsetting but I couldn't complain. My brother also hooked what we though was a nice flounder and surprise was a nice 19.5in red. His first slam and the first slam on my boat. We probably had the best day yet on the water together today and I couldn't be happier

Can't wait for tomorrow!

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  1. SmilingSam's Avatar
    Nice photos, good fishing. Thx for the post.
  2. Doboi's Avatar
    Nice mess of flounder there! Makes me hungry looking at them! Good day fishing!
  3. Doboi's Avatar
    How you like the facesaver? During my last fishing trip to the Roanoke River I got toasted (read BURNT!) on my ears and the back of my neck, so as soon as I got back I ordered two of them. I just read a few reviews and decided, what the heck? I waste a ton of money on fishing, what's a few bucks more? (Ordered a new rod too, while i was online... Don't tell the wife! hehehe!) Are those facesavers effective? Are they hot or do they evaporate perspiration and help keep you cooler? I'd like to know how you like the sun gloves too. Flip Palet likes them, but I think he gets paid to. I want to know from someone who had to pay for theirs. (I'm assuming you did pay for them. ). Thanks for the post!