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Personal Bests - Smallmouth On The New River

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Awarded by , 07-14-2016 at 11:54 AM (633 Views)
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My normal fishing buddys were unable to fish so I headed up to Fries, VA to fish the New River. Its a nice section that has some deep water, rock ledges and slow flow. Slow enough where I can paddle back against the current without too much difficulty and you can float probably 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile before you have to turn back. Its always a place that I enjoy fishing when I'm by myself and a place that gets some traffic but nothing like a lake does during the summer months. I was fishing a topwater bait and had a big explosion on it. I also was trolling a white curly tail grub behind me. I had a nice smallmouth bass on the line that fought like only smallies can. As I was making my way to the rivers edge to get control of the one on the main line, I heard the drag on the other one start to go. The one on the main line turned out to be a personal best smallie and the trolling one was about a 1 pounder but still it was the first time I ever had 2 fish on two different rods going at the same time. I continued to work topwater the rest of the morning and caught 2 more nice smallies each one bigger than the next. So it was quite an amazing day for me, 3 consecutive personal best smallmouth bass and catching 2 at the same time made it a pretty special day.

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  1. ncfish's Avatar
    Congratulations on three personal bests! How how big was the last personal best?
  2. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Gotta love the New! Nice job Ray!
  3. RaymondWells's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ncfish
    Congratulations on three personal bests! How how big was the last personal best?
    I didn't have anything to measure it guestimate over 4 lbs, one fisherman who was in the area told me he thought it might be close to 5, but I'm very happy with a 4+.
  4. Doboi's Avatar
    Nice! I need to get up to the New to catch some smallies.