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Wrightsville Drumming

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Awarded by , 07-18-2016 at 01:11 PM (1037 Views)
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Location: Wrightsville Beach, North End
Tide: 2 Hours After Low Tide
Bait: Live Finger Mullet on Homemade Fluorocarbon Bottom Rig and fish bites (Clam, Bloodworm and Shrimp) on a fishfinder rig.
Wind: Very Light out of the SW
Tackle: Daiwa 2500 sweepfire on a 7ft TFO Tactical Series Rod with 10 lb flurocarbon and a Daiwa Pro Emblem on a 11.6 TFO Surf Rod with 15 lb Braid.

Finally got time off to go with the family down to Wrightsville Beach. After failing to catch a single trout in 2015 and going drumless this past Fall. I was hoping my luck would change. I Fished from Tuesday to Friday with great success. Tuesday afternoon was spent walking around the north end of the beach at low tide trying to find prime spots. It is amazing how many features are uncovered during low tide. After walking around, I decided to give the inlet a go and picked up a nice 10 inch grunt on fish bites shrimp with a fishfinder rig. I also saw three black drum cruising a slough, but threw everything including my tacklebox (just kidding) at them, but could not get a bite. All excited I set my alarm for 5 am the next morning.

As luck would have it, I had accidentally turned down the volume on my alarm and ended up missing the alarm on Wednesday and instead woke up at 7:30. Despite the bad start I was able to catch a good number of menhaden and mullet in my cast net and headed back to the inlet by 9 am (Right at low tide). Wednesday was quite the mixed bag with two small flounder (11 and 14.5 inch), 10 pinfish, 3 lizardfish, 2 small bluefish, puffer fish and my very first sea robin. The small fish came on the fishbites (bloodworm was the ticket) with the bluefish and flounder biting the menhaden and mullet. Once the fishing slowed down around 11, I decided to pack up and headed to fish the surf. Once I rounded the corner I decided to check out an area that a slough had been feeding (See picture above). As I looked across the water, I saw three dark shadows moving through the water. I quickly put two mullet on and cast out where the sandbar dropped off 3-4 feet. Within a minute, my reel started singing. I fought the fish for about 5 minutes and within the excitement I forgot the a golden rule of surf fishing, "Do not try and land a fish by hoisting them over a drop off on a sandbar." Sure enough, the hook popped out . Feeling quite sad, I nevertheless decided to cast right back into the same spot and give it a second go. This time I put the rod in a sand spike, set the drag very light and started to talk to a fellow fisherman that was coming to see if he could help out. As we started talking the reel started singing again and this time my brain decided to not get lost in the excitement. Once the fish made 4-5 runs, I slowly walked towards the beach were it gently sloped and was able to slowly reel and walk the fish onto the beach. I got out my ruler and a 26 inch red drum lay at the bottom of my feet. Personal Best! After thanking the Lord for the fish, I decided to call it a day and headed in.

Thursday was a similar pattern compared to Wednesday with 2 bluefish, pinfish and pufferfish being caught in the inlet around low tide. After the fishing slowed I decided to see if lighting would strike twice and went back to the same spot as Wednesday. As luck would have it, the underwater shadows were once again in action and were running baitfish onto an underwater sandbar. I hooked up two finger mullet and within a matter of seconds the reel started singing. Following the same strategy as the day before, I managed to land the fish rather without incident. 24 inch red drum this time! Amazing.

After awesome fishing days on Wednesday and Thursday, i was hoping Friday would be the icing on the cake. Sadly the wind decided to show up on Friday and the pattern that was making me look like a professional surf fisherman had turned me back into a novice. After catching only puffer fish in the inlet, I moved back to my magical drum spot. This time there were 6 anglers all on different sides of the spot including standing on the underwater sandbar were the bait had been running. While walking up to the group I noticed there was this 8 year old kid that was pumping his reel pretty hard. After 20 minutes the young man was able to pull in with the help of a few others a 25 inch red drum. I talked to one of the guys that was helping him and apparently he was part of a surf camp and their instructors wanted to show the group the joy of fishing. There were about 6 kids in the group and I certainly applaud the instructors for showing them how to fish, especially in the new digital age. Although I didn't catch my third drum of the week, seeing that young man catch his first red drum certainly made an excellent ending to a great week of fishing!
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  1. Doboi's Avatar
    Nice account of your several days of fishing. Enjoyed reading this very much! It was a special ending to see a youngster catch their first fish. Just wish you had a picture of that one too! Nice to see you catch a personal best. WTG!