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Trip of a lifetime!

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Awarded by , 08-26-2016 at 06:35 PM (490 Views)
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Had an amazing morning fishing the Neuse for goldfish. Picked Clane's brain all week about how to catch the golden beauties and set out at 3am with basswrangler to give it a shot. We got to our launch and got to talking to a guy there who ended up being ncangler member glockmaster! And whats more, he said Whitey was on the way. Water was glass and I went from not expecting much to knowing I had a chance at a PB redfish or kayak fish in general. Whitey was awesome enough to let us tag along and show us the ropes. Each of us had an amazing day, and I won't spoil everyone else's stories by saying too much about how they did, so I'll focus on me.

I followed Chris out and he pointed out the bait balls and how to fish the cork and I headed off to try my luck. Didn't take too long. I was looking around and I heard BAM! A massive explosion less then 15' from my yak and I saw a mullet fly up in the air. I quickly tossed my cork over my shoulder and it immediately went down less then 12' from the yak!!! I was using a 3000 sargus with 30# braid and she took me down to just a few wraps before I locked the drag and got it back in. I had one heck of a sleigh ride, pretty sure I've never even paddled that fast! But I landed her and was shaking so hard when I measured, took a pic, and revived her. Whitey was along side to make sure I picked it up properly and revived it well before I let it go.

The excitement hadn't worn off completely before I went on another sleigh ride! A smaller fish, I think was a female.

I traded rods with Jacob because all he has was a 2500 diawa with 20# braid and leader and we were worried about it not holding up to a drum. Turns out, it did! Saw a bait ball and cast into it and hooked up again! Had to play the fish gently and give it a little time to run before landing it on the small bass rod.

As I said, we all had epic days. Couldn't have ended up better! Thank so much to Whitey for taking the time to teach us what we needed to know! Very cool dude. And great meeting fellow RedXer Jeff.

Cool part for me was that my biggest drum was 46", and almost the same size as my Connecticut striper from last month. Been an epic summer for me!

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