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Old Drum and a Topsail Slam.

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Awarded by , 08-29-2016 at 08:08 AM (377 Views)
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After careful consideration, my daughter backed out on me at the last minute on our trip to Oriental. With rigs made, bait reserved and a game plan in place, I was going regardless. Wasn't hard to find someone to tag along so we headed to Topsail Friday morning to pick up the boat and fishing gear. Finally made up to Oriental around 6 and started our search. Bait was everywhere so we just cruised around marking ledges to come back to after dark. Came across a ledge with tons of bait showering around 7 and decided to anchor up and give it a try. Wasn't long till drag was screaming but that one came undone. About 15 minutes later, had another good run with the same results. After 45 minutes with nothing happening, moved on to another drop and set up. Less than 15 minutes after we got set, Drag was screaming again. After about a ten minute fight, I had my first Old Drum on board right at 48 inches. Got everything set back out and almost instantly in was on again. My buddy grabbed the rod on his first Old Drum and ten minutes later had him beside the boat. I reached down to pick him up and he shot straight under the boat, out the back and broke off on the motor. Went for a few hours after that with a couple of short runs but came up empty. We had decided at midnight to give it till 1am and head in. About 12:30, It was game on! Right away I could tell this fish was bigger than the others. After 20 minutes, 6 good hard runs and 5 trips around the boat, pulled my buddys first Old Drum on board. 54 inches! Extremely satisfied we packed up and headed back to Topsail for some slot fish Saturday.

We slept in Saturday and decided not to hit the water till later in the afternoon when my daughter could go along. Went to an area that had produced in the past and the fish were there and hungry. Put 8 reds in the boat between 24 and 29 inches along with a 20 inch trout and a 17 inch flounder in about an hour and my fourth consecutive slam at Topsail. My daughters was just shy of 27 inches, her PB to date. Couldn't ask for a better weekend!

Thanks to everyone for the info on the Old Drum! It was a big help not going in completely blind.
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