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After Work Drummin Round 2

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Awarded by , 09-03-2016 at 09:40 AM (467 Views)
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ReelPrime and myself decided to make a run to the Neuse before Hermine rolled in this weekend. On the water around 6 and slinging corks by 6:15. Wind was blowing a hard southwest so travel was limited. Hit a spot we hooked up at last weekend. Casting DOA Airheads under popping corks in 1 foot rollers and white caps here and there we were not expecting much. About 6:45 ReelPrime's cork shoots under and to our surprise, FISH ON! This fish makes multiple long runs. Even when we got it boat side, you could tell she never wanted to give up. With the boat rocking, I sneak the net under her and wrestle her in the boat. Get her on deck, remove the hook, a quick glamour shot, and get her back in the water. After a short reviving, she kicks off with a purpose. We set up to make another pass over the shoal and make a few casts before that self-preservation kicks in and we call last cast. By this time the waves have kicked up to a steady 2-3 with a few bigger rollers here and there. It made the ride back in the 17' Sea Pro a little sporty to say the least. We were both soaked before we made it back to the boat ramp, and it hadn't started raining yet. Loaded up and off the water by 7:40. We got about 5 minutes down the road before the rain started falling. Perfect timing. Hopefully Hermine won't stick around too long this weekend. I'd love to chase these big girls one more time before the short work week.
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