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Proud Dad today

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Awarded by , 09-14-2016 at 01:25 AM (539 Views)
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It's been a rough Spring/Summer around here. Fishing was merely a thought and wish due to unexpected and complicated surgery. My 3.5 year old has been after me the last few months to go and didn't understand why I couldn't go. Fishing is his favorite with gummy bears a close second! He's actually pretty accomplished at an early age. Fast forward...I got word that a few areas around Nags Head were seeing large numbers of puppy drum. Well, he doesn't have a pup on his list of catches yet. We struck out this morning with a couple trout rods and headed to a marsh we could walk and fish an oyster bed. I would cast his jig for him and he would just slowly reel it back in, he hasn't mastered jigging yet lol. About 30 mins after first light I have my back to him rigging my own rod. I hear, "whoa daddy...big fish...whoa!" Sure enough he's wrestling a fish off the oyster bed. It was one of those proud dad moments when he reeled that lil pup in all the way to his feet. I'm blessed to spend those kind of moments with him!