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Weekly Column - November 9th

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Eat fish, live longer. Eat oysters, love longer.

I grew up hearing that said many a time. Perhaps it was dreamed up by some marketer, but it sure seems like good advice to me. At least itís an enjoyable creed to follow.

As an avid recreational fisherman, I have a healthy respect for the environment. It only makes sense that we canít constantly draw down the fish stocks to a level at which they canít sustain themselves.

The Department of Marine Fisheries is responsible for keeping an eye on the fisheries. The minimum size and creel limits they set for different species are meant to allow the stock to stay at a sustainable level. They donít always get it right the first time, but their fishery management techniques have made a positive impact on the recovery of several species.

Red Fish is a prime example of successful management and restoration of a "depleted stock." In fish management circles, a depleted stock is one that has dropped below sustainable levels, not one that has disappeared totally.

Catch and release fishing has become very popular with many fisherman. With this method, fishermen can still enjoy catching fish but donít put as much "pressure" on the stock. Many anglers keep cameras with them so they can "prove" it really was "the biggest trout you ever saw in your entire life."

I practice catch and release on many occasions, but I still remember the little jingle at the beginning of the article -- eating seafood is good for you!

I bring home my fair share of fish. I often throw back "keeper" size fish preferring to throw back the smaller ones to catch them some other day. I only keep what I plan to eat, freeze or give to a friend.

But keep a fish or two, I do! Nothing like a fresh batch of fish or crabs or clams or oysters or ... Well, you get my point.

If the oysters I ate last week are any indication, the local oyster crop is going to be stellar this year -- if not in numbers, then certainly in quality. I had two occasions last week to eat Stump Sound salties. Yum, yum. They were plump, meaty, juicy and, of course, salty!

So get yourself a plate of fresh fish and oysters so you too can live and love longer!

Catching report

Fall fishing is in full swing! Some nice size speckled trout are being caught in good numbers; they are biting shrimp, soft baits and mirrolures. Plenty of flounder, spots, red drum and mullet are being caught, too. Surf City Pier reported an 8-pound black drum this week.

The kings have moved offshore just a bit but can be found from 8 miles out to about 20. The bite has been hot with them taking frozen or fresh bait. Look for false albacore schooling near the inlets and artificial reefs. They are busting bait in large numbers and can be found early in the day.

Grouper are being taken in about 80 to 90 feet of water with plenty of black bass and nice size white grunts being caught too. Offshore, a few tuna have been reported and the wahoo are still biting.

Tight lines to all!