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Personal best and a little mishap.

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Awarded by , 10-24-2016 at 08:20 AM (600 Views)
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Ended up catching my personal best Friday afternoon. I knew when I got that solid tug and weight on the end of the line it wasn't in the same class of the fish we have been catching. At first she wouldn't budge I though I hooked a drum or big flounder. She took a bit of drag and then finally I got that head shake and new it was a good trout OR CITATION lizard fish. Lol. Finally got her to the boat and my brother executed a perfect net job. Measured in at 22inches. Not a monster but my personal best. She was a fat heavy fish and I wish I had better pictures but right after dust settled I dropped my rod in the water and reaching for it fell in. I had just got off the phone with my wife 10 minutes before that and never put my phone back on the console. Now the rod that went in the water was a custom built rod with a fairly expensive reel and I don't mind getting a refreshing dip with all my cloths on so that wasn't the issue I did get my rod back. But lost the phone to water damage and all the pictures from the last week I took which is what upset me the most. Other thing is the current was moving so fast I couldn't get back to the boati quickly kicked my crocs off I never wear the heal straps for this reason and they float no worries and was kicking with all I had and only 1 arm usable I could just barely not reach the motor or swim platform. My brother thank god quickly realized what happened and was able to grab the rod and pull me in. Now if I was alone and had not been using my trolling motor as an anchor it may have been different. Atleast with the trolling motors with wireless control you can still turn off the anchor feature and catch the boat up to yourself.nows the time to be even more careful with water and air temps dropping this could have been terrible. Oh well was still an awesome week of fishing and we just missed our limit Friday by 1 fish.
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