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Lake Wylie 12/10

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Awarded by , 12-11-2016 at 11:10 AM (640 Views)

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Headed out to Lake Wylie today with anortnc7 for a few hours, 10am-2pm, and had a pretty good couple hours on the water. We first went to where the fish were schooled up during Thanksgiving...but they weren't we headed out toward the main channel and found a big school of fish in 31-34 FOW. We immediately hooked up with some bass and a few perch and anort cut up a perch to put on his catfish rig. Not 15 minutes later anort hooks up on something big on his UL setup and spoon...a 10 minute fight later and he pulls up an 11lb 1oz channel catfish!! It was an insane fight and his PB catfish! We continue to catch a couple more bass and perch and anort's catfish rig finally goes off after about an hour. He is in for another good fight, but this time with his 7ft MH rod he easily pulls up a 9lb 3oz blue catfish! About another hour later anort's rig goes off again and he pulls up his first flathead! A nice 10lb 10oz flathead. We had a blast finding fish, catching about 40 perch (kept the biggest 10 for the frying pan), some bass, and anort hooked up with some nice sized catfish including his PB!

Water temps were 53. Spoon was a kastmaster 1/4oz silver in color. Catfish caught off cut up white perch.


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