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This outta be illegal...

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Work has been wide open and I've fished less the first couple months of the year than I can remember. I finally bit the bullet and decided I was going to go hit one of my spring spots for big hybrid as they run up the savannah river since it's been so warm. I only had about an hour of daylight left by the time I got done working and headed down bucktails in hand.

Turns out it was a positive life choice! My buddy stuck an absolute hawg 8lbs on the dot about 15 minutes after we got there and for the next 15 minutes proceeded to run his mouth at me a little bit... I bided my time and kept fishing . It was a pretty day out and I was just happy to be on the water.

What happened next was absolutely insane. I casted right along a good looking rip in the water and my bucktail got absolutely hammered. A few minutes later we hoisted a stud hybrid over the rail 10lbs on the dot. Not everyday you can catch a double digit hybrid so I was pretty exicted. I went back and casted at the same rip and counted it down.... BAM fish on again, this one had some serious attitude and took a little longer to land and came in at 11.5lbs on the boga grip... Absolute dinosaur! At this point my buddy had gotten real quiet so I called my shot and said "I'm going for the hat trick" and casted back to the same rip. WHAM! Fish on. This fish was the fattest of them all and about the same length as the first fish and weighed in at 11lbs on the dot.

Back to back to back 10lb+ hybrids makes for a good hour of fishing in my book! My buddy did end up catching one more 5lber haha. Sometimes it's just your day!
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