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Oak Hollow

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Awarded by , 03-27-2017 at 09:31 AM (388 Views)

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The bite was on Saturday morning at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point! I hadn't been here lately so we started out on a rocky bank where I usually was successful in years past...within the first 10 casts we had a 4 and a 7 pounder in the boat. (and the guy in the pics was a first-timer to this lake!) Stuck around there for a while and caught a few more smaller ones and 1 hybrid. Tried a few more similar areas and a couple of points further up the lake and managed to get a few more to the boat. They were all fat & healthy & hit crankbaits, but as usual with this lake, the bite switch turned off in the early afternoon. I'll never call this lake the "dead sea" again! Lol



  1. Lucky Doug's Avatar
    Dang James, I fished there for a couple of years and never caught anything. Hate getting showed up by a rookie lol Your momma just told me to look for this post.

    Congrats. x2