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Offshore Sunday 4/9/17

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Finally had a nice weather window on a weekend day and I was fortunate enough to tag along on Daniel's charter for capt Mike Jackson. Topwater blackfin was the plan and it did not disappoint.

We all arrived early and loaded no less than $15,000 worth of gear aboard. We broke the inlet by 5:28am and were met with calm seas. Capt pushes his 31' Contender to 36kts and headed towards the gulfstream.

We arrived in 230' and fish were already skying in every direction. We boat a few large AJs and get some sharks chomping down on a few. The blackfin were busting all over and we drifted over a large rock ledge for the best results. Toby was first on board with a decent Blackfin on a sinking swimbait. Daniel was next to boat a few blacks as he worked some popper magic. TJ and I eventually got our own blackfins. I used a halco 130 and TJ was working a Seven Seas popper(i think?).

We lost a few fish to sharks and errant cutoffs and worked this same area for the next 4 hours. Other small tunas were also in the mix as we pulled in a few albacore and a skipjack. Toby was casting to boils off the stern as Capt and I were watching and a 30# blackfin aired out with Toby's popper in it's mouth. I immediately cast just past this explosion and also hookup to a smaller blackfin.

Daniel and I are working fish on the bow when I get a solid hookup on the halco. WAHOO! This fish lights up and runs straight at the boat, immediately crossing under and back under. I luckily manage to avoid any tangles and caught up to the fish. In the meantime, this wahoo is skimming the surface at full speed and putting on a show. The hoo points straight off our bow and makes a long unstoppable run until my mono leader gives way. What a trip!

Daniel and I continue working the bow and Daniel lands his popper in a big boil. A large bill emerges and shakes its head. Sailfish? In the meantime, Patrick is bent over with a large AJ and Daniel is losing line fast. Daniel's fish emerges again and we see what it truly is. A WHITE MARLIN. Capt fires up the boat to run the fish down and we drag Patricks AJ to the surface trying to catch up. After wearing down the fish for a few minutes, Daniel makes some ground corralling the fish in and then poof, hooks pulled. Video to come, thats fishin'.

We make a few more drifts over the rocks before the bite shuts down and we move a few miles into 130' targeting African. After a few AJs and an uncommon Mangrove snapper are boated, TJ hooks into what feels like an African. As it nears, confirmed, African, but 10' under the boat the hook pulls and the fish makes a poor spiraling effort back down to the abyss. We strike out on African and get word the blackfin are biting again at the rock.

We arrive and get back in the action. Toby hooks up on his H4L popper and brings the fish boatside. His first YELLOWFIN. Capt Mike misses a few gaff shots and finally sticks the fish in the head. I lose another popper to a sharked blackfin and others land and lose a few blackfin. Daniel also decides to sling TJs blackfin into the boat while Capt is busy gaffing Toby's fish, only instead the fish pops off boatside and makes a clean getaway.

We continue to work the area hard, jigging & popping, no bait was used. Dropping to the bottom was a near guarantee of an AJ and soon after, a shark. Toby, well versed in losing jigs, decides to test this theory. He's rewarded with an epic fight on his Pascal 5121 as this pig AJ takes him from the stern to later standing on the bow like a boss and hauling the fish up.

Not looking for AJs, I send a maxel dragonfly down halfway and start a speed jigging routine. Toby and I get hooked up back to back on smaller fish that turn out to be Rainbow Runner. We'd seen large schools of rainbows earlier in the day that wouldn't bite anything, luckily these got fooled and we get some great eating meat. Toby's shakes the hook at the surface but its OK, we've killed plenty at this point.

Capt Mike points us back to the hill and rockets back home on a slight chop. I'll put this down as one of the most memorable days of fishing I've ever had. FWIW I have 1 spot open on Sunday May 21st for a private jigging & popping charter. Msg me

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