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New Yak!

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Awarded by , 04-16-2017 at 11:14 PM (964 Views)

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Well this weekend did not start off as planned. We went out of town to visit with my wife's family and I had planned to go down the Lumber River Saturday from Lumber River State park to Fair Bluff NC. I had purchased a new Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 on Friday so I'm really looking forward to hitting the water. When we got there I realized I had forgot my paddle. Man I was bummed. On the way home Sunday we visited my wife's other sister who lives on a small lake in Lumberton. They own kayaks and they let me use a paddle to try my new yak out for the first time. After losing about five small bass right at the boat I decided to switch hooks. I few cast later throwing my favorite color senko I got this fish in the new boat. Awesome ending to the weekend.

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  1. NCGMAN's Avatar
    awesome, looks like 25 inches. nice yak also