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Father Daughter Dawn Patrol

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My wife and I took the kids to Saturday night Mass this weekend, so I had Sunday morning open to do some fishing. To my great surprise and pleasure, my daughter not only asked, but actually DEMANDED that I take her with me. Kids are funny - for the past year or so, she hasn't shown as much interest in fishing with me, but the last few months she's suddenly decided that fishing with her dad is her favorite way to spend the morning.

That's saying something for a 13 year old who's favorite hobby is sleeping in on Saturday mornings!

I knew the weather wasn't going to be ideal and even with several warnings about the conditions, there was no dissuading her. When the alarm went off at 4:45, she was bright eyed, bushy tailed, and dressed for winter conditions. Her only ask was for me to hurry up and get a cup of coffee in her hand.

We arrived at the ramp and were greeted with strong gusts of wind that cut right through you. Such an odd change from the balmy weather we've quickly gotten used to. We got another surprise as we backed in - there at the dock was a very cool vehicle that I'd seen on some You Tube segments but had never seen in person - I could see this thing being very useful in certain situations!

We pulled up to our first spot and quickly discovered that the 69 degree water conditions weren't bothering the fish at all! Within a few casts, we had our first redfish in the boat - 22" and fighting like its life depended on it . . . which, unfortunately for the fish, it did!

My daughter immediately popped up on the bow with me and insisted that the next fish was hers to land. A couple casts later, she is tied up to a scrappy fighter that spit the hook after a few nice runs. Undaunted, we tried a few more casts and she quickly came tight again. This fish REALLY put her to work and she fought to keep control of it between fits of giggles. I'm not sure she was prepared for how hard these fish fight! We pulled the fish over the gunnels and measured it out right at 18". Dinner was served!

The sun came up and the bite ended, but we made a few lasts casts to see if anyone was still around. Just about the time I was ready to move on, my stickbait got SMACKED and an angry trout wallowed at the surface. I made quick work of him and brought him to the net. He measured 18" but was fatter than any trout I'd seen in awhile.

We fished another hour or two, but the wind was making thing so unpleasant that we both decided to get back to the house and have breakfast with the rest of the family. I managed to pull into the driveway just as my wife was headed out on the porch with her first cup of coffee and we enjoyed the rest of the morning together enjoying the unexpected time in each other's company.

When I fileted the trout, I discovered what made her so fat . . . apparently the menhaden are around!

(pics coming shortly)
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    Great day! Great report! Even better because you could share it with someone so special to you. I am sure she will never forget these days!
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