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The Kayaks Storm Lake Brandt!

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Awarded by , 06-21-2008 at 11:44 PM (4054 Views)

It was a big day of firsts at the inaugural Get::Outdoors Kayak Fishing tournament on Lake Brandt in Greensboro today. First kayak fishing tournament for most of the participants, me included. First time for most of us on Lake Brandt. First time meeting the Hardcore guys face-to-face. I'll try to let the pictures do most of the talking and save the chatter for the forums...

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Getting ready...

The unveiling of the new Hard Core logos:

Who else but stukayakfish kayaks in stereo? And how did this not win the most-tricked-out-kayak award?

The competitors take to the water

Yak4Fish watched from a safe distance today

Next Page: The fishing...

The fishing was tough. Lake Brandt has a lot of shoreline cover & overhanging trees, but is very shallow and not very exciting underwater. Not much for a defined channel and a lot of gradual sloping everywhere. The deepest water I saw near the dam was 16ft.

I did get rid of the skunk at my first stop, but not what me & the shakey head worm were looking for. Sadly, it was too much fish for the smallest fish contest...

One of Skooteri's fish

Brandt didn't give up here secrets easily. Maybe should have targetted tailing redfish?

I chose the upper fork. Moving farther up the lake we found some lilly pads in 2 feet of water. Not something I get to fish very often. Not a great area for this time of year - shallow, hot & stagnant.

Eventually found this walking trail bridge with 6' of water all the way across. Cover, shade, structure and a little bit of depth - promising...

Finally! On the scoreboard with a 15 1/2" LM. Tougher than it looks to get a good measure board pic in a SOT...

Last page... Who's taking home the loot?

Fishing prizes included a Thule rack+a trailer hitch rod rack, werner paddle+Ram rod holder, nice fishing pfd, an nrs top (dry top?) and a deck bag. Lots of other giveaways too.
Now for the moment we've all been waiting for. Who takes home the bounty?

It took 15 3/4" to win the bass division, by Dan McWhorter from Raleigh.. My 15.5" was good for 2nd. ReelinHeel is awarding the prizes.

Only 1 participant focused on the panfish (biggest bag to be weighed - 3lbs worth of perch & bluegill). 2nd & 3rd place went to people who were smart enough to bring one fish each back to the launch, just in case nobody entered any panfish. Skooteri took 3rd with his spare bluegill, which got him a deck bag.

Many additional prizes were given out. Some raffles, some fun categories (a bullhead took the ugliest fish prize and our only lady angler took the lady angler prize) . Here's stukayakfish collecting a raffle prize (book). He also took a prize for best smack-talk on, which got a good chuckle from the crowd (and a Ram flyrod holder for stu). Dan won the raffle for a custom travel flyrod.

Here's the Captain's bag that we all got at registration - drybag, hat, strap, stickers & some sunblock somewhere in there.

Here's the 2nd place prize for the bass category - a Werner paddle and a Ram baitcaster rod holder. SWEET!

I also wound up with the "Mystery Bobber" in my captain's bag, which netted a paddle leash. Good topper to a good day!

Team Hard Core and Team Moderator savoring the fruits of victory. That's Tilly on the left, stukayakfish in the middle and me on the right.

I expect the GetOutdoors guys to have the full list of winners and their own writeup on their webpage in a few days - maybe with a little delay as ReelinHeel is headed to Florida in the morning for a week of kayak fishing down there. I took home a ton of loot and had a great time. Thanks to all the participants, sponsors and the folks from GetOutdoors who did all the work. They're already planning for how to do it bigger and better next year.
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  1. NCangler's Avatar
    Thanks for the pictures Jeff!
  2. sundrop's Avatar
    Great post! Looks like all had a blast!
  3. Mattfish's Avatar
    That's awesome!

    Hey by they way you can catch those tailing Brandt redfish on a live shrimp caked with a cracked-corn doughball--- use a 9' noodling rod with 4lb flourocarbon, and get the gefiltefish recipe out!
  4. skooteri's Avatar
    It was my first tourny too. Had a great time. Met some great people. Thanks to stu for the Team Hardcore stickers!
  5. Stew-Rat's Avatar
    LOT of fun!!! Thanks for the pics and write- up there Jeff. Was really good to meet you guys. Finally got to meet ,as my wife calls the NCangler people I spend so much time on the computer with, "my imaginary friends".
  6. kayak ken's Avatar
    Great photos, I've got make it next year. kayaken
  7. Aquaflow's Avatar
    Great Pics. I wish I could have been there!!! Maybe next time.
  8. Stew-Rat's Avatar
    Man, that was fun. Gotta say I`ve looked at this blog at least five times and you did a good job all around Jeff ! " YOU DID US PROUD, THERE BOY !"- (Deputy Dawg)