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Rainbows And Browns And Stripers, Oh MY

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Awarded by , 07-05-2017 at 10:26 PM (573 Views)
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Spent the last few days fishing in the mountains fishing out of Asheville. Took my fiance on a half day float for Smallmouth. We fished the French Broad at an undisclosed location. The water was high and slightly stained,which isn't optimal conditions for Smallie fishing. We ended up with 8 dinks. The biggest fish was maybe 12-14 inches. My fiance did however catch her first bass. She still hasnt pulled in a Largemouth. She did however get the concept of a bite and good hookset. We worked hard for those 8 fish. I caught six, all but one on either a black or chartreuse popper. The other fish was on a White/Blue/White Clouser that I tied last week.

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Day two, I was solo with the guide, floating an undisclosed tailwater river that I am forbidden to reveal the location of.
Day two was Trout day. We got the boat in the water and immediately noticed that the water was a bit higher than normal. Evidently the generating at the dam had been for a couple of hours,just after midnight. That really negatively effected the fishing. There are normally rising fish in the put in pool,but none today.
We were dropping beetle patterns at the base of rock walls hoping to entice large Brown Trout to slurp up the beetle. We used a dry fly with a dropper in the shallower,faster moving pools. We picked up a couple of Rainbows in the shallower ,faster water in the first run we came to.

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We were making a LOT of casts to find these fish. We continued to beetle bomb the rock walls and started slowly picking up a Brown every now and again.

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When we stopped for lunch,the guide put out a large live bait,on a baitcaster, in the very deep pool by our lunch area. He explained that Stripers from the lake below had started migrating upstream into some of these deep holes and he wanted to try catching one. He set the rod up and we sat down to eat our lunch. The live bait swam around in the deep part of the pool for 20 minutes while we ate lunch. We were packing up after lunch when the rod doubled over and the reel started singing. I grabbed the rod and threw it into gear and off we went. I never slowed the fish down, even after adding a pretty good amount of drag. I had noticed when he put the rod out that it was spooled with heavy braid,but was only spooled about half way up. I watched as the silver of the spool started showing and the fish hadnt even slow down. PING..That awful sound that tells you when you've been spooled. Fish gone, bait gone,line all gone. Well Crap. We finished packing up lunch we went back to fishing for trout. We picked up another Brown in the lower end of the lunch pool when we noticed the float had popped up and was moving back and forth at the very end of the pool. We beelined our way down,hoping to retrieve the float and maybe even the fish. Nope..The float went down and didnt come back up. Oh Well. The next pool yielded another Rainbow. As we were releasing the Rainbow, we noticed the float was across the river and stuck to a tree limb sticking out of the water. We paddled over to the float and there, wrapped around a tree limb was a large Striper, upright,swimming the current,but firmly attached to the tree limb. The guide had to hold the boat in place because we were in some current. I took the net and started pulling the tree limb up and hand lining the fish up. I scooped the net under the fish and scooped up a large,very ****** off fish. He thrashed around for a second and calmed down. I pulled it into the boat and we both kind of let out a WHOOP. The fish was in the 20 pound range..In a freaking trout stream..Go figure. Anyway, we unhooked the fish, revived it for several minutes and watched it swim off.

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We finished the day wth a couple more Brown trout before we got to the take out.

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We didnt catch nearly as many fish as normal due to the weird generating schedule,but still had a ball and had some real excitement with that big striper.
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  1. eisenhauer01's Avatar
    Look who it is! Congrats on the award post! looks like a fun trip, can't believe you didn't take Keith!!
  2. The Mad Duck's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by eisenhauer01
    Look who it is! Congrats on the award post! looks like a fun trip, can't believe you didn't take Keith!!
    That you,Kash Money?
  3. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Great trip it appears!