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City Lake 7/3/17: 2 bites, 11+ lbs of bass

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I haven't been on Randleman since April. I've had my truck in the shop for transmission problems and had to travel for work. I took Monday off and this was the day, or so I thought. Apparently my truck also has a slow coolant leak which I didn't know about until it severely overheated about 3 miles down the road. Took me an hour to get it back home and get filled up. My afternoon was getting short on time and I didn't trust the truck so I diverted close to home and City Lake. I'm glad the truck overheated.

I normally head up the East Fork arm but this time I went up the Penny Road side because there was some deep wood with shade I wanted to try. This got me no bites so I decided to go all the way up the creek under the Penny Road bridge thinking skinny water means fewer places to hide. I was working up the sunny side of the creek throwing a variety of lures. Got a follow from a nice bowfin on a spinnerbait so I kept throwing it thinking I could at least catch a bowfin. A few minutes later I cast to a very shady hole under a tree and got bit on the spinnerbait. Thought there is my bowfin. It started taking drag and I thought it's a big bowfin. Then I saw it and it wasn't a bowfin. Ended up just a fraction over 7 lbs and 22.25" long. The biggest bass I've landed out of City Lake by a good margin and gave me a bass over 7 lbs from City Lake, Oak Hollow, and RRR.

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A few minutes later I rolled the spinnerbait over a log and caught a 17" bass. I had a pattern but ran out of cover because it got too shallow for my boat soon after. I hooked another fish working back up the shady side of the creek but it wrapped me in the tree and got off. After I ran out of creek it was a struggle. Got some hits on a C-rig speed craw but they were white perch. Worked up the E. Fork side and got a dink on a power worm and another on a floating worm. I had time for one more stop and on literally the last cast before I had to leave for the ramp pulled another nice fish out of a tree with the spinnerbait. This fish was 4-7 and actually fought better than the 7.

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I really figured a plastic would get all the bites but there was a definite pattern with the spinnerbait. The action wasn't fast and furious but it was certainly memorable probably my best day ever at City Lake.
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