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The Kayaks Storm Fort Fisher!

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Awarded by , 06-28-2008 at 11:19 PM (2789 Views)

This week's adventure for the kayak crowd was the 2nd Annual Kayak Fishing Meet & Greet at Fort Fisher, hosted by Druminator, and featuring his dad on the grill! I'd estimate somewhere between 30 and 40 kayak anglers made it out to the Fort for meeting, greeting, fishing, eating and checking out the other boats.

I put a bunch of NCangler faces to names out there, but its a bit of a blur right now. Here's an attempt to list the ones I had not met or fished with before - Druminator, NCMalibuEx, Straps57, Moseyak, Ebogdanski, 69corps, CarolinaFly, Erayyak, Nraycroft, RouseD, NCPierMan, Mulletman, Cody (Yak4fish Jr.). Repeat offenders were Lefty, me (JeffONC), Mikefromsa, Skooteri, Yak4fish. I'm sure I missed a handful - if I missed your handle, let me know and I'll get your attendance recorded! (Have seen posts from Fishgent, Eric6708, Meatloaf1991, Buckeyejoe, Flyr6105, EastCoastYak, Redneck Paddler, Msgdan from SC/KFS - don't recall formally meeting you guys, but that doesn't mean I didn't, just means I didn't get it written down).

Checkin with Druminator at the Federal Point boat ramp. No blast off - groups came in waves and launched as they were ready. Initial plan was to head about 3 miles down to crossover #4 for lunch. His Hurricane Phoenixes still safely on top of the truck.

Preparing to Launch. I brought the green Search 15 in the foreground - its still pretty stripped as the only add so far is a scotty mount on the console. Moseyak's blue Pungo is next, then Lefty's Manta. Further out you see Yak4fish and his son with their Native Ultimates (including 1 with the new Native pedal drive (more on that in a bit).

Route Map - Initial plan in green - start at the federal point boat ramp, pass behind Zeke's Island, through the Cribbins area and up to beach access 4. The wind had other ideas and we shortened it to the blue which got us into the protected area behind Zeke's and we would eat at beach access 2. However, when Druminator's dad tried to get on the beach, he found that they have closed beach access due to the nesting shorebirds. Final plan in yellow - return to the boat ramp for lunch & festivities. Wasn't what was planned, but you deal with what you can't control and it worked out fine. Great tailwind on the paddle back!

Its another multi-pager. Next Page: The fishing!

Yes there was fishing. And wind, which got increasingly and aggressively stronger through the day. I heard a small craft advisory from somebody's VHF unit.

In any case, this was my first ever trip to fish Fort Fisher and I didn't do too badly for the amount of time fished and ground covered.. I caught all three of my fish in a 100yd stretch directly out from the ramp in between Zeke's I and the little grass island, on dropping tide.

Fish 1: My first kayak bluefish!
Not much of one, but a species first for me. Caught on a pearl white gulp jerk shad, rigged with a slingblade flutter weighted jerkbait hook&blade.

Fish 2: 19" & almost 3lbs worth of flounder. Biggest I've ever caught. On a slurp swimming minnow in rootbeer color with a white 1/4oz jighead.

Fish 3: 13" speckled sea trout. Another kayak species first for me. Haven't caught a sea trout since I was a 13year old kid on vacation in FL.

I was unable to close the deal on a slam by catching a red. Did hear from one of the early launching groups that got to the backside of the Cribbins area that they found a bunch of good reds back there early. Saw a 20"er in their cooler. Nice fish!

OK Lefty, we give up... What's that in your right hand?

Nope. Not a stick and the picture isn't doing it justice. Nice trout Lefty! Caught on a white DOA shrimp.

Action photo of a group fishing inside the Cribbins area.

I came across NCPierMan on my paddle back to the launch area. Taught him a few things about boat handling & control of your gear... that is, how NOT to do it. Sorry Tim! First I couldn't manage the wind to keep myself from running into him, then realized that I was dragging a popping cork and got my mess tangled in his mess. For some reason, he stopped at that point to toss the cast net for a while, which allowed me to get to a safe distance away.

Next Page: Return to the ramp & inspecting the boats.

I was a bit late to lunch, which gave me a good opportunity to check out some boats.

Paddling back to the launch site. Neat sight to have so many boats lined up together.

More boats

More boats

Close up of Yak4fish's Ultimate Pedal drive mechanism. Interesting how it pivots up & down into place.

Ebogdanski's Mainstream Kingfish, nicely outfitted

Sit-Inside's were well represented.

I think this is Mikefromsa's Tomski. Made in Africa or New Zealand for surf fishing.

Here's Hobie! (not sure who's Hobie)

Also saw a Prowler Big Game, & P13, a couple of Malibu extremes, some Hurricanes, lots of Heritage RedFish today and a handful of Manta Rays.

Final Page - eating and raffling

Druminator had the raffle hooked up! Tons of items to give away. Great job by the sponsors to donate and by Druminator to round all this stuff up.

A couple of group shots as we assembled for the raffle. Drum's dad made some opening remarks as Drum was occupied (with a hot dog)...

Let the prizes begin! First up, a Bending Branches angler paddle - has a sweet ruler etched into the handle.

Here's lefty, modeling 2 years worth of the Stohlquist fisherman PFD prize (he won it last year for longest sleigh ride).

This MTI Adventurewear Angler edition was donated by the Adventure Company in Southport. I didn't get a pic of the winner, because it was me, so here it is reclining on the sofa after a long day...

The prizes came fast & furious - didn't have time to get all the details. I think this was a paddling top.

Surf to Summit Angler's kayak seat - is that Straps57?

Tallic kayak hanging strap system from Erayyak

Hook Line and Paddle and the Adventure Company both donated hats & t-shirts for the raffle.

Nraycroft made some sweet towable bait tubes and donated to the cause. Up to this point, folks who won a 2nd item asked Drum to pull another number and give somebody else a chance. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when we got down to these and the Mirrolure set that Erayyak brought - moral dilemma! Not tested though - new lucky winners for each.

All in all, a great success. Storms stayed away, fish were caught, fun was had, folks were met & greeted, lunch was eaten, prizes were raffled. Can't beat it!

Huge thanks to Druminator, his dad, the sponsors, all the folks who drove down there - I know we had somebody from Tenn and I think from GA as well. I missed it last year and its been eating at me since then, so I'm really glad I got down for it this year.

Can't wait to see what happens with it next year!

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  1. mulletman's Avatar
    The wind may have kicked up but I had a great time, thank you to everyone. It was great to see everyone and their custom boats gave me some ideas of what I need to do. Did manage to catch one redfish about 19 or 20" and saw several more caught. Hope everyone had a safe trip back home.
  2. NCPIERMAN's Avatar
    great job on the photo's i was wondering what you were doing above me when i went for more bait.
    i may not be an avid yakker but despite the wind i had a great job out there with you all it was great to put names to faces.
    i got to see alot of things out there like a logger head turtle and alot of scenery ive never seen.
    i didnt get a red i beleive i had one on the first bend where i was tossing the net first thing but i lost it i did manage a short flounder and 2 small black tip sharks.
    it was a great event and id like to thank druminator and his dad for every thing they did to get it going and for making it a sucess !!!
    this day makes me want to look into finding a yak to fish from every now and then.
  3. nraycroft's Avatar
    Ashley, great job on putting this event together! Thank you and your dad for the food and just putting an opportunity for all of us to get together, meet, eat and just enjoy the sport of kayak fishing.

    Big thanks to all those who sponsored and donated the prizes (like the Scotty rod holder I won). It's nice to see some of the big hitters (Hook1 and others) show their continuing support and effort for this growing sport.

    It sure was good to meet all of those who showed up yesterday, and glad to see so many make it out.

    I would be curious to find out how the "2nd attempt" group did yesterday afternoon, and whether or not the incoming tide proved profitable for them or not.

    Looking forward to the next time I can meet up with some of you to fish again...

  4. nraycroft's Avatar
    I forgot to add "Hey look, RouseD, we made the cover."
  5. RouseD's Avatar
    nraycoft, I saw that. Great meeting you. It was a great experience meeting everyone. Thks again to Ashley and his dad for making the event happen. Had horrible problems with tendenitis. I should have stayed on land with Ashley and his dad to help with the preparations, but even though I was with the crowd who went the wrong way, and had to drag my yak over miles of sand, it was still fun. I only caught a crab on a redfish magic. It was all I could do to paddle this time. I'll get em next time. This tendonitis can't last forever. Only caught a crab, didn't win anything, had to paddle through the wind with tendonitis, but would not have given anything for being with such a great group of people.
  6. meatloaf1991's Avatar
    shoot i thought all of yall were plannin to paddle to buzzards bay in the first place
    glad i got to meet so many great people and hear about ncangler
    did manage to catch 2 reds, 18 and 22 inches, when mulletman caught his
  7. lefty's Avatar
    Many thanks to Druminator and his dad! Superb job on the whole event! And thanks as well to all sponsors!

    It was great to get to the salty water again, and great to meet a bunch of the gang!

    After lunch, MikeFromSA, Moseyak, and Eric6708 and I headed out again to try to make the day a little more worthwhile. Eric's Wilderness Hatteras turned out to be quite adept at slicing through wind and water. He cut through our little pack and joined Mike way up front. We worked the breaks in the wall right beside Zeke's for a while... Eric snagged a sharklet - not sure what anyone else managed to score. Not sure what was up with my anchor -- the three of them were able to park just fine, but not me...

    Thanks jeff for the great article!!

    My pics are on picasa:
  8. Fishgent's Avatar
    Thanks to Ashley and his Dad. We had a great time and I was able to land one Red - YEAH!!!!! It was my first time at Ft. Fisher, but even though the fishing - or paddling - was tough, I had a great time and will be going back!!! It was great meeting many of you. I am trying to post a few pics, but have technical difficulty. I will post as soon as I can figure out how

  9. NCangler's Avatar
    Fishgent, There is a tutorial on uploading photos on this page:
  10. fisherjon's Avatar
    Sounds like a great event! Thanks for such a nice report. Makes me want to go out and buy a yak! Or even just come out to watch!
  11. EastCoastYak's Avatar
    Thanx to everyone envolved in putting this thing together and to the sponsors. I had a great time and intend to go next year also. I meet alot of very nice people.

    Thanx again,
    East Coast Yak
  12. Carolina Fly's Avatar
    I could not say it better! Thank you, Thank you
  13. FishinWolf's Avatar
    Looks like a blast ! I was out of the country for this one but would like to attend if there's going to be another one....