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Right place right time...

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Haven't put a report up on here in a while (nor have I had a lot of time to fish) since I moved back to NC. But this one couldn't be left out! I moved to an apartment with a 50 acre sand pit that's well over 30' deep in spots, it's more or less a lake. Over the course of the past month or so I'd occasionally see fish busting and schooling out towards the middle or out of range, usually on days I was playing with a fly rod where I had no chance of getting anywhere close to them. Well, Saturday I finally was in the right place and the right time.

The majority of my bass fishing anymore is done with large swimbaits, I'll occasionally break out the conventional or finesse gear and stick a few but I really just love catching big fish even if it means I don't catch many. The water in this pond is stained but extremely clear so I get a lot of followers but not a ton of commitment (though it is summer, this fall could get ugly when they start wanting to fatten up!!)

I made a long cast out over a deep hole and before my bait hit the water, the surface erupted. My swimbait landed in the middle of fish busting so hard that 4-5lb fish were going completely airborn after bait. My eyes about popped out of my head and I started a quick retrieve with my swimbait and maybe 3 cranks in I got absolutely smashed. The fish swam right at me so I figured it was just a really fiesty little 3lber or so. Negative ghost rider, the fish turned and went airborn before I got it to the bank. Pretty sure she'd been ordering off the dollar menu too much because she needed to find a treadmill. Took a quick pic and she swam off. The fish had gone back down but I knew they couldn't have gotten far, so I threw it back out. WHACK! I see my swimbait fly out of the water with a huge splash underneath it. I get about two more cranks in, the hooks had fouled up so it was up on top and the monster fish rolled on it again and missed. Heartbreaker as it was an easy 8-9lber. Another cast produced nothing and I'm thinking well, that was fun but they took off. Nope.

About 50 yards to the right they were at it again, I ran over and casted out and stuck a nice 4.5-5lb range fish, shook it off with my pliers still in the water and casted again and hooked up with a submarine. Never saw the fish but gave me a better fight than the first one that I caught, I got her about 15 yards off the bank and she dug down in to the grass and hung me up. I took my phone out of my pocket and started wading in to get a better angle but she shook off right before I pulled the bait free. Tough telling on size but she had some power. Two more casts two more fish one around 4lbs one around 4.5.

At this point adrenaline has me all kinds of amped up but the fish went down and didn't come back up again. In a 10 minute span I had landed 4 nice fish, missed a monster, and had another monster pull off. I was fully content but something told me to walk back to the deep hole where I had started. I made a cast started working a fast retrieve to where I could see the bait beneath the surface and about 15 feet from shore one flashed and I was hooked up again! Since the craziness was over this one got a photo as well even though it was easily the smallest of the 5.

I've been fortunate enough to catch a lot of bass in my life, but this may be impossible for me to beat. Easy 20lb+ in 15 minutes, all on a big swimbait in my backyard.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good

Setup is a Loomis IMX 7'7 Swimbait Rod, Daiwa Luna 253 and a Duel Hardcore Ninja Glide in Gizzard shad
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