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RRR 8-6-17: Fishing was lousy, I'm ecstatic!

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This is a classic lousy day at the lake saved by one great bite. I was optimistic when I arrived on the water about 12:30 because there was nice cloud cover and some breeze. I headed up lake around 62 bridge and was casting a buzzbait. I had cast across a point but the wind blew my line over a branch on a bush. I reeled up to the bush and when I flipped the bait over the branch a bass was bulging water right behind it. It charged and ate it as soon as it hit the water again. I hooked it but it shook off, never got a good look but it felt like a nice fish. That was the only action I had for several hours. The clouds and breeze disappeared and it got unpleasant fast. I finally caught a short and a 15Ē keeper slow rolling a scrounger along a shaded channel swing in Muddy Creek. That cover ran out and I tried some similar areas with no luck. On a whim I decided to fish a deeper channel swing that I rarely ever fish. Near the end before it transitioned shallower I had cast the scrounger to a small point. I got a tap felt weight and set the hook. Fish didnít move for a second or so and I knew it was a good one. I saw it jump and I knew it was a real good one. It bit on a long cast and it was an awesome fight. I had to hand strip drag a few times when it ran under the boat. After battling at the bow I ended up doing a lap around the boat before finally getting a hand on the fish. It was 6-10 at only 22Ē long. I thought sure it was 7+ when I saw it but Iím not complaining. This is the 4th trip out of my last 7 with a big bite and overall the best year of my life for big fish. I hope this never ends.

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After that I was getting short on time so I ran to some likely spots rather than areas but didnít get another bite. I couldnít even get a bite on T-rig other than bluegill. I think the fish are feeding at night on the clouds of yearling shad floating all over the lake, especially with the full moon we have right now. Hopefully we get a bunch of rain this week and the bite changes. We can use the water out there regardless because it is about 3 feet low looking at bridge pylons.
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