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Few doormats and a limit of trout

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Awarded by , 08-20-2017 at 09:02 AM (336 Views)
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After fishing sq last weekend with lack luster results and hearing "Curtis and the gang" had the same results, I decided to search for greener pastures and headed to the Nuese this morning. I got my girl out of bed nice and early, not as early as I would like, but early enough for her. We hit the water around 730 and headed to our first spot, an area I haven't fished all year. The water was low and we can't even get a bite from the crabs or bait thieves. So we make a run to the next spot. On the way I decide to hit a windy point that looks fishy and she catches a short flounder. YES!! The skunk is off the boat and she caught a fish, two birds with one stone. We fish this area a little longer with no love and I look way off in the distance and see a group of 20-30 seagulls hovering in the back of the bay. I have seen this too many times, this was the sign I was looking for. We idle to the back of the bay and as I drop my trolling motor, shrimp scatter and skip across the water. MONEY! I drop the power pole and catch trout after trout on the popping cork. She catches one and the becomes content with reading her book and soaking up the rays, which is just fine with me. I just keep slinging trout over the side. After around 30 or so, I have a nice limit and decide to go search for something else. I head to a duckblind that almost always has a drum or two under it. Pull up and the first cast with the popping cork produces a 17" drum. Next cast a 17" striper. Not bad, but the spot goes dead, so we head to the last stop. Fishing log pays off again. We pull up and I explain to her how I don't catch many flounder in this spot, but it is usually good for one really nice one. I cast down the bank with no bites and then make a perfect cast across a point. Bouncing the jig across the bottom, I feel the best thump Ive felt all summer. This is a nice one! I set the hook and it pulls a little drag but stays low, gotta be a big flounder. I get over to the net and my girl nets it, just over 20". A few cast later, another solid thump and one right at 19". Now its getting epic. I fish down the bank and just as we are about to leave, I make one final cast over the last point and stick another one close to 18". We head back to the ramp and are off the water by 12:30 with rumbles of thunder and storms in the distance. Its nice when a plan works out, but it always good to be lucky as well. Thank God for seagulls!!
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