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Doesn't get any better than this. Until it does.

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Awarded by , 08-24-2017 at 09:01 AM (327 Views)
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It was a great day even before we got to the ramp: my dad riding shotgun, his grandsons half asleep in the back seat, our "new" skiff in the rearview, and low 80s and a light breeze with a break from the humidity in the forecast. Got on the water a little later than I'd hoped at 7:30, but we still seemed the to be the first boat breaking the glass on the ICW. Get to our first stop. Drop the trolling motor.
No juice.
Grind teeth.
Cleansing breath.
Not going to let it ruin a great day. We'll just park more and cruise less.
Just as the dead motor comes back on the deck, we hear a toilet flush 10yds from the boat in 7ft of water. Dad fires a blabber mouth rig trailing a white vudu shrimp in the general direction and hooks up right away. I cringe as I hear the crappiest reel in my boat sing more than a little off key and crank the motor as the braid turns to mono backing in the guides. A few minutes later, dad gets his first old drum to the cheers of his grandsons. A great day just got better. After high fives all around, we park the boat in 3ft of water to let the boys pester specks off a reliable point.
Then it happened again. Same rig. Same crappy reel. Two hard runs later, I had mine in the boat. Pretty sure I paid $20 bucks for that reel. More than sure it should be retired after today. Lord knows it's earned it.

1st drum measured 39" and looked like it had a steady diet of bowling balls.
2nd was 41" and a little trimmer than the first.
Both got back in the water quickly and swam away strong.

Better day became one of the best.

Must've been the moon. Look forward to trying again in a 100 years or so. Or next weekend.

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