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August Fishing in July

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Awarded by , 07-21-2008 at 02:11 PM (977 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by fishnwarrior
Well folks I've stayed pretty busy fishing with just some catching. As most guys will attest we're having August fishing in July. I think those real hot days we had in June did us in. Last year in July I could go to 14 and catch 15-20 small dolphin about every trip, but not this year. Enough of complaining and making excuses, it is what it is. Offshore we have caught some dolphin, not a bunch but some, some wahoo and a few sails. Deep jigging has saved the day a few times with some nice AJ's, BSB, and other bottom dwellers. Everybody has been great and had fun so from that stand point it has been great. I've told my parties prior to going out that it was slow but they still wanted to go and give it a shot. Inshore the Spanish bite has been pretty good outside the inlet in deeper water. I've got a different kind of charter this week, I'm taking some guys down the ICW to play golf in Myrtle Beach. We're going to have fun and it is a nice change. Best of luck to everyone and start thinking fall.



  1. DBank's Avatar
    There may be more to it than the hot weather early in the summer. I went to south FL in May (usually prime time) on my annual trip to fish with my cousin, a local and expert dolphin fisherman. 0 for 4 on trips to the stream. There have not been many dolphins caught this year down there either. A few, some nice ones but mostly peanuts. Noted an increase in sails this year and far longer into the year than in the past. Who knows?! About the time we think we have it figured out and the pattern down, it changes! That's half the fun of it, right?
  2. fishing dad's Avatar
    Thanks for the report
  3. fishnwarrior's Avatar
    You certainly may be right DBank. Whatever the reason it is a lot slower this year. That is why they call it fishing not catching. Thanks for reply.