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Nuese Sat 8/26, Sun 8/27

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Day 1

Headed back to the Nuese on sat with my good friend Curtis (not the Pelt one) to see if the fish were still hungry from the previous weekend and they were. We got to our first area and shortly into our first drift I get hooked up on a big drum on my 7' med action trout rod. He makes some really good runs, burning my 2500 Penn up and making me work the trolling motor to keep up with him. After a good 5-10 min fight I get him beside the boat and he throws the hook, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not the way I wanted to start the morning off. We continue to drift and start to catch trout. I drop the power pole and it is on, we catch a quick limit of nice 16-18" trout and continue to catch fish after fish. We work some the bank close by and get into some small pups and stripers. Towards lunch we are somewhere between 75-100 fish and Curtis hooks up on a nice drum and it makes him dance around the boat. We get the fish in the boat and it measures 23.5" and fat. I try a little longer to get a flatfish to complete the slam and loose a nice one right the boat just before we decide to call it quits. Still an epic day of catching, especially in the heavy winds.

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Day 2

Me being the glutton for punishment decided to call J.Edwards and see if he wanted to fish on Sun, even though they were forecasting 20 kn winds on the Nuese. He was down and brought his girlfriend too. We hit the water before sunrise and were met with strong winds. Mother nature wasn't playing today and I put the power pole to the test. We arrive at the fishing grounds and run up on a school of dolphins. Oh NOOOO! Not good. We fish the first 30 mins with not even a sniff and I'm getting worried now. The trout have been here, but now they have dispersed. We change tactics and decide to beat the bank and it pays off. We start catching pups and stripers and a few trout. Johns girl catches the first slot drum, a nice one around 23". Soon there after we get into a school of slot drum and boat 15 total ranging from 21"-25". Johns girl Celie caught the bigger drum out of all the slots and she was wore out. We have multiple doubles and catch some really nice fish. The bite dwindles around 11 and we search the last hour for a phantom flounder to complete the slam, but did not catch a single one. We end the day with around 40 fish total, 3 Red Fish and 3 trout. Another great day on the Nuese.

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