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Red Drum fishing, MHC/Beaufort, Aug 25 & 26, 2017

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[QUOTE=Spider Crack;1048521]Spent a long weekend at the NC coast, so got in 2 days of fishing near Beaufort/MHC. Steady 15-20mph NNE wind the whole time, so decided to beach the kayak and soak bait in a good spot where I've caught a lot of reds over the years. On the first day I did try throw artificials for a while, but just found the yak too hard to manage in the wind, so decided that using mullet gave me the best chance to catch fish. On the first day (Friday) I landed 6 mid- to upper slot reds on live finger mullet with a carolina rig w/a 5/0 circle hook. Real surprise was the first fish I caught: when I picked up the doubled-over rod, I just felt dead weight, so figured it was a ray. Eventually the beast began to move and I could detect head shaking, so figured it was a large fish, just wasn't sure what kind. After a full 15 minute fight using a 3000 class spinning reel and a medium action freshwater rod, I finally beached the gorgeous 36" beast. I've caught up to 30" drum in the same spot before but was not expecting to find one this large cruising the flats where I normally catch slot reds. Second day (Saturday) I headed back to the same spot and landed 5 more slot reds. All fish came on a falling tide, and most mid-tide although I did pick up that big 36" fish just after the tide peaked, and a couple later near low tide. All fish on finger mullet. All fish fought well and were released in good health -- except for one that swallowed the circle hook. Here's a shot of the big 36" fish:
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