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Pamlico Drumming 9/16 & 9/17

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Went out yesterday morning with the better half in search of some big drum. Promised her I was going to put her on her first one this year and I had been failing miserably. Hit the ramp at 6:30 and started making our way to where I had some success before. ReelPrime was right behind us with a crew on his boat. We were greeted with calm seas but thick fog. Carefully following previous tracks on my gps, we get to our destination. Start making our drift with the gentle NE wind pushing us along. About 20 minutes go by and I hear "BABE!" followed by a Conflict 4000 screaming. I look back and the rod in her hand is doubled over and she's doing all she can to hold on to it. I go into coach mode yelling "Keep him tight!" and "Don't let that line go slack!". About 3 minutes in and she's already telling me to take the rod, her arm is burning. But I didn't give her any relief. Finally we get the beast boatside and I slide it into the net. Quick measurement and photo shoot and send her on her way. A very healthy 44" female. I get a call from ReelPrime about 100 yards behind us to congratulate her on her catch. I'm casting with him on speaker talking to us and I'm not paying attention and on the second cast after releasing her fish my rod almost gets yanked out of my hand. I yell "Chad, gotta go!". Fish immediately runs straight under the boat and just chills there. I fight the fish boatside for a few minutes and wrestle it into the net. Nice 42" male. Lucky for me my girl caught the whole fight, minus the first 10 seconds or so, on video.

We drift a little while longer with no bites so we idle around the "hot spot" and start the drift again. No luck on the 2nd drift so we decide to call it early to go fill out citation paperwork at Neuse River Bait & Tackle. Get home with plenty of time to get cleaned up and get back to Chocowinity to see ReelPrime lose all his freedom. AKA, his wedding. Absolutely wonderful ceremony right on the waterfront. Good times. Wish you and Jen nothing but the best.

OK, this is a fishing website, enough of the sappy stuff. Hit the water again this morning with my buddy and his wife hoping to duplicate the success of yesterday's trip. 10 minutes into the drift and I get a massive boil and my cork shoots under. This fish did the same thing mine did yesterday and shot under the boat and tried to stay there. About 3 minutes later, the 45" female had a quick photo shoot and we sent her on her way. By the time we get her back in the water we notice 2 boats coming in hot. We gave it a couple of hours but I think the boat traffic just shut em down.

All in all, another beautiful weekend on the Pamlico. Now back to this boring work thing for the next 5 days.
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  1. larrymca's Avatar
    Nice fish and good write up. Were you on the river or sound? What bait or lure? Been here 4 years and have yet to hook up with a drum.