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August 9 2008 Fishing Report

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Awarded by , 08-09-2008 at 05:05 PM (902 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Pamlico Tackle
Trout bite has been real good with some fair size fish being caught. Numerous limits as seen in my photos of my Raleigh gang. How about Little One (Ryan). Tough fishing family. Live shrimp, grubs and mirrolures working. Alot of blue fish to get through though.

Big drum are on in sound and Neuse River. Fresh mullet with fresh change of baits on hook a must. Remeber to use care in handling drum to return safely to their habitat.


  1. CoachKinsey's Avatar
    Great catch! Did any of those trout come from Dawson Creek? As soon as I get cleared to paddle my 'yak (shoulder surgery a month ago), I'll be headed that way. I'll be down that way in October regardless of whether my doctor wants me to go or not. I need some time on the water ....
  2. Fishingbear's Avatar
    Hi. The last time I went to the creek my friend out fished me . But he did know how to catch the shrimp with that net with the weights on the bottom. Maybe when his shoulder gets well he will take me back to that most beautiful place on earth. But I think our wives need to go shopping too. I'll buy to gas!!!!!
  3. Pamlico Tackle's Avatar
    no creek fish in this report, wait until the fall. State Record may fall!