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Awarded by , 08-13-2008 at 08:38 AM (1023 Views)
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My Best Friend Sandy

Don't you just love August fishing? Have been pretty busy with in shore and near shore trips. The Spanish bite has been has been good around the inlet in the deeper water. The near shore bite has been slow for kings and dolphin. AJ's have saved the day on most trips as well as some bottom bouncing. Finally yesterday we were able to find a decent bite near shore. We caught 2 gaffers, 2 kings and a 44# citation wahoo. The wahoo hit a Tiagra 30 on the planner rod. Needless to say it was a battle. It sure was nice to catch some decent fish trolling. On a much sadder note, I lost my best friend and 13 year companion, Sandy. She was a good ole fat yellow lab. When she was younger she use to love to go fishing and when she was older she loved to come to the cleaning table for some suhsi. Needless to say she will be missed and for all you guys that have lost such a friend you know what I mean.

Sunday's Water Spout

Fighting and catching an AJ

Gaffers and Kings

Spanish on a Spec Rig

44# Wahoo


  1. hodge36_'s Avatar
    Capt. Bill,
    So sorry about Sandy. I know how you feel as I've lost 'friends' before. Wish me luck on my next (last?) back surgery this month. Bobby E. is doing well.

    Marty Hodges
  2. fishnwarrior's Avatar
    Thanks Marty and good luck with your surgery. You'll be back good as new. Tell Bobby hello.
  3. BigL20's Avatar
    So sorry to hear about Sandy. We have a 9 year old yellow and just love him dearly. They have a special place in your heart.