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Fishing is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

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Awarded by , 08-13-2008 at 12:58 PM (1038 Views)
Hi Folks,
It's raining here at the coast and since I cannot go fishing, I can at least talk (write) about fishing.While the story this year has been the spanish mac bite, some big reds have been showing up in the last week. I took a day off yesterday and took a kid fishing (my 38 year old daughter) and we caught a flounder and two nice reds. Earlier in the last week one customer caught a 33" red...nice.

Now here is my report:

Inshore: Redfish and flounder are biting finger mullet. The mullet are virtually everywhere in large numbers, so finding bait should be no problem. Use a carolina rig and the appropriate size egg weight and fish the docks and deep holes for best results.

Near Shore: Spanish and more spanish...all you want and any way you want. Cast to them, troll for them or even fly fish for them. Cast with small Maria jigs; troll with 00 clarkspoons fished with #1 planers and 30-35' 25# leaders; fly fish with small flies in yellow or chartreuse and stripped very fast.

Offshore: Kings and mahi are biting from 8 to 25 miles out. Some of the best fishing has been in the 18 to 25 mile range. Sailfish are still biting. Be sure to use a dredge to tease them up and have a bait running just behind the dredge.

Gulfstream: Fishing has slowed which is typical in the very hot months. As waters cool toward October look for the wahoo and tuna to bite hard.

Quote Originally Posted by Capt. Rick Bennett

Just a mention, the Annual Rod-Man Fishing School will be February 28, 2009 at the State Fairgrounds Gov. Martin Bldg. in Raleigh. We will have a tremendous slate of speakers to tell the when, where and how to catch the fish you are after....and of course good food. Unlike the national trend to raise the price on everything, we have decided to reduce our price to $75, down from $90 last year. We hope this will help folks be able to take advantage of NC's best fishing school. More details coming soon.

Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man Charters


  1. linasandy's Avatar
    Going out for fishing is a very interesting past time. The fishes shown in the above pictures are rarely found fishes. Once i found a rare form of fish which was looking like a snake.