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10-1 Lucky Charm and Reel Mom

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Awarded by , 10-04-2017 at 10:06 AM (304 Views)
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Sunday morning. Fishing with my brother again, LC and RP's mom, Reel Mom. Fishing near SQ. First hole was no bite or bait. Wait, there was some thing. Wind. At 6:30, there was a plenty of wind. Cut into a spot that has been a good cold weather trout hole. Water was 72 deg. I was working my Plopper. LC had a chug plug and RM had a popping cork. LC and I started dragging stripers in when RM corked in an 18" trout. LC switched to a cork and caught a keeper trout. RM corked another keeper trout. I lost a nice trout at the boat on the Plopper. Bite died as fast as it started. Moving on, the wind picked up. Tried to hold boat in one of my favorite spots and had limited time to fish. Caught one keeper flounder and moved. This next move was not one of my favorites, but offered more protection. We needed it. The wind was whipping so hard that even the fish were trying to get out of it. I cast into a small hole in the shore and my bait thumped and stopped, just like a flounder, and I set the hook. After a chase with the trolling motor, we put a 23" red on board. A few minutes later RM latched onto something nice, a 19" flounder. It was almost time to go, since LC's family expects fried fish every Sunday afternoon (he calls RP and tells him how many packs of fish to bring). LC wants to stop by the trout hole on the way in. As I step onto front deck, forty yards to my left, I see 2" bait jumping a foot out of the water. I try to troll motor to them in the crosswind and see the school of trout as they flash through, devouring bait. We cast and cast as the school sounds. I start to make a move when LC says to wait. He has something. A 17" grey trout. The first one that he has ever caught. Finished day with 8 trout (5 keepers). 9 flounder (4 keepers). 3 drum (1 keeper) and 8 stripers. Not a lot of numbers, but a higher percentage of keepers. This concludes my weekend with;
147 trout
59 flounder
41 reds
18 stripers
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