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Ultimate Mix Bag Fishin

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Awarded by , 10-18-2017 at 09:10 AM (350 Views)
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Late Report from last weekend and I'll TRY... to keep it short.

I snuck away from work last Thursday and I hit the Pamlico on a solo trip. Pulled up to my first area and caught a 16" trout on topwater on my first cast. Nice start, but in the back of my mind (first cast, first fish = bad day) So I work the area over and it was alone. I pick up and decide to run to another area. Out on the main river it is flat calm and I notice some seagulls working bait and fish breaking the surface. I pull up and its gar surfacing, I decide to throw my popping cork anyways and what do ya know, Mr Big Drum decided to show up. After a long fight on my 6'10" ML rod Battle II 2000 with 10lb braid (trout setup), I get the drum beside the boat and grab his mouth with my left hand and go underneath with right hand and boat the drum. It measured out around 44". My neighbor calls me and I pick him up at the ramp and fish the rest of the afternoon. We end up with around 25-30 fish with 1 striper keeper at 21.5", 3 trout 15-19" and a 25" red, my neighbors biggest of the season.

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Saturday I decide to head east with my uncle (Reel Papa) and my dad (Lucky charm, LC) We start the first area with topwater hunting stripers and I am rewarded with a 29" red on the skitterwalk. With not much action we head to area 2 and catch a few short trout, but still not what we are looking for. As we pull up to area 3 around 10:30 we notice a lot of bait. It looks good. We start catching flounder and Reel papa puts the first one on ice. I decide to let them beat the bank as we head further into the bay and put on the trust MR17 MG and start picking up nice trout. One here one there, slow but nice fish. I manage a couple of gray trout as well. We head into the back of the bay where a few small feeder canals/ creeks come together and Reel papa catches a nice 25" red and a keeper flounder on the popping cork. I throw the mr17 and get a huge bite, enormous head shake, then drag screaming. Mr Big Drum showed up again. He tries to spool me numerous times, but I put the trolling motor in the wind and we net him. He measures out at 47" and the fattest one Ive caught all year. Take some quick photos and set him free. First big one on the mirrolure. Its a catch all bait! We end the day with 4 keeper flounder, 6 speckled trout keepers, 2 gray trout keepers, and a 25" drum. I head back home and the old men gas up and head back out on the water. They fish til dark and end up with a 19" and a 26" striper to round out the super slam! Awesome day fishing with family.

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Sunday, J.Edwards and I head back to the Pamlico for a short trip. Deadline is 10 am, so we start extra early and use the spot light to get to Area 1. No love there so we head to another area. We work topwater and Jon strikes first with a trout. He gets the hook out and notices it has a yellow tag. NICE!!! We continue throwing topwater and I boat two more keeper trout and a few short stripers. We had numerous swirls and blowups, but they just weren't chewing. We pick up and make another run, when I notice something breach the surface in the middle and then two seagulls dive down. I run wide open and kill the motor about 50 yards from the area, so we will coast in. Jon throws his cork first and falls just a little short of the boil. I cast mine right in the middle of the churned up water and Mr. Big Drum decides to show up again. Jon deploys the trolling motor and quickly grabs the controls to run the beast down. It almost spools me on the ML rod again! I get the drum beside the boat and Jon grabs it and brings it in. It measures 47", but is noticeably smaller than the fish from Saturday. 3 Big Drum on 3 consecutive trips on light tackle. I have been very lucky and Jon wants to know where I am hiding my horseshoe. We fish some more around docks with no action so we call it a day.

I get a call later that day from Reel Papa and him and my dad ended up with a limit of flounder (8) and 5 keeper trout. 32 flounder, 24 trout, 2 stripers and a drum on the day. The Wood brothers put a hurting on the fish!

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