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Some good ones overboard!

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Awarded by , 10-26-2017 at 11:30 PM (463 Views)
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We slipped out real early this morning, idling out in the dark, blinded by the GPS track while trying to avoid the shoals and oyster beds! It took a while but I had a plan. As soon as the sun broke the horizon the big bad wolf started blowing. Man, both weather apps had it wrong BAD. I stuck to my plan and got after it. Started off fooling with some small trout but kept my hopes up. The wind climbed on up to NW 15 and gusts over 20. Then it happened, first keeper in the net and over the gunnel. She went 21" and was fat. Ok, maybe things will be decent this morning. My son tells me he doesn't like the trout trick I have him rigged up with. Fine buddy, find the bait (color) you want. He picks a "pink" zman and smiles. I put a couple more in the boat before I hear him on the bow, "gracious, I got a good one!" I snicker and maybe laugh a little and keep fishing. Well, he then says "oh my goodness" and at that moment I hear drag peeling. Yep, he's doubled over and that trout is trying to whoop his little skinny butt. I stay out of it, its his fight and his fish to battle. I coach him a little since he tends to keep his rod tip too low while recovering line. Other than that, he brings a real nice trout boat side and looks at me and says, "well, you gonna get the net?" Absolutely little buddy, my bad! We keep putting fish in the boat all morning. Around 1100am I am planning my escape to the truck when it happens. You know when you get "that bite" and it feels like a cypress stump? I knew when I hung this fish it was either an over slot drum or one heck of a trout. We've fished this area 4 times now and haven't seen a red. Well, it was her, it was pigzilla. I had her boatside twice and looked at her real good both times. I've been lucky enough to catch a 7.2 and a 6.4 in the last few years. She was that big, no doubt. For the third time she is boatside, this time laying on her side, ready to give it up. I look and my almost 5 yr old has the net in his hand. I'm telling myself no way, I'm gonna handle this. I grab the net in one hand and rod in the other. Everything goes without a hitch, she's in the net and net is out of water coming over the gunnel. It's all in super slow motion as she does one last head shaking flop in the net. The trouteye jig is catapulting through the air toward the bow and she is mid flight headed toward the stern. NO!!! It ain't happening! I lunge toward the fish and now I am headed to the same promise land as my citation. Yep! In the drink with net, rod, brand new cell, wallet and a pocket full of keys. I ALWAYS put all that stuff in the console, except today. Soaking wet, humiliated and defeated I climb back in the boat to, "daddy, your crazy. That fish can swim faster than you." The wind is still blowing, I'm cold and over it now. But, I'm also hard headed. Nope, I ain't going out like that. I turn the minnkota back toward a grassy ledge and make 2 casts. On the second cast I'm hooked up. We bring this last fish on board and wouldn't ya know it, RED TAG and I win. It was a comical ride home in my drawers and Landon cracking 4 yr old jokes! Sorry for such a long post but it was an up and down then back up again awesome day with my #1
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  1. TimFisher's Avatar
    Great report. Definitely sounds like a day neither of you will soon/ever forget!
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    Lifetime Memories were created today.