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New River report

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Awarded by , 11-24-2017 at 11:06 PM (444 Views)
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I thought that I would share my progress of the last week as I started off not really knowing much about bay fishing and the locals have been less than helpful in giving advice, so I've practialcally went out at it alone. So I've taken notes of where I have seen boats, gotten nacvonics+ and studied Google maps for hours trying to decipher new river, especially the Sneads Ferry area. I have been bay fishing in the area for the last year with massive hit or miss luck when I went out, and I feel I was catching them more on luck, than on knowledge. After reading up on seasonal habits and studying charts I started exploring. I've found a few holes that were more than promising. More than that, I caught fish in these holes. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I've been looking for trout holes for some time and finally, through perseverance and putting the time in, I've started to locate them with more precision and less luck. During this process I even ran across some huge slot drum in a place that I almost guarantee no one fishes by difficulty that my small bass boat had getting up there.

As for what they're biting on, it's pinkish red voodu shrimp. Jigging and falling. Threw mirrorlures and gulp and some z-man plastics, but I kept with what was working all weekend.

Thursday I got on 4 drum in the morning, 3 of which was around 26".

Friday I got a late start and wasn't on the water until 1030 and still managed a couple 17" trout.

Saturday started out with a miss in the morning so we moved from a creek in the inyercoastal waterway to the main bay. It was wasted with more exploration but once we got back into the new river we found a couple more before boat troubles cut our day short.

So after a productive week of fishing I feel I made real strides for the first time given the hours put in on the water and doing due diligence and research.

I ended up with well over 10 pounds of fish for the week, and every fish kept didn't even need measuring. Quality over quantity.

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