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Halloween kayak fishing in Bath & Back Creeks

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Awarded by , 11-01-2008 at 11:07 PM (2752 Views)

Skooteri and I got up in the wee hours for a Halloween run to Bath for more of the slam action he had been working the last 2 weeks. Not the greatest catching report, but its always a good time to see some kayaks on the home page! [See Page 2]

We arrived at Quarterdeck Marina on Back Creek just before 7am. These folks are right across the street from Capt Mike's Rivertime Outfitters. $5 pay ramp but they don't charge kayakers.

They had just poured and assembled a new launch ramp on the 30th - concrete footer with a grate going into the water. We were the first to use it. Was afraid it would be slick footing, but not bad at all, just a little steep.

Mid-30s at launch time, but promises of 60s later in the day had us optimistic. Smoke on the water, smooth as glass and all to ourselves (more on that later).

We fished the Back Creek bridge first - not a nibble.

On the way out, Scott picked up an undersized flounder (12in +/-) dragging a chartreuse Gulp Jerk Shad on a jighead. 1/3 of the way to his slam already.

At about 8:30, I got a flounder just like it. Mine came on a camo colored Jerk Shad on 1/4oz jighead... (Dick's didn't have any new penny and Camo was about as close as I could come). Caught at the downstream point of a little cut in Back Creek - looked like a likely flounder spot.

We fished our way out of Back Creek looking for the trout that had been there on Sunday. A few fish jumping at the mouth of Back Creek but we couldn't hook up with anything. We headed back up Bath Creek to the bridge. Found a giant cloud of tiny (1") baitfish above the bridge, but nothing feeding on them. Some surface flapping baitfish (menhaden?) below the bridge, but still no trout, no stripers.

At noon we worked back down past Back Creek along the docks that way. Wind had picked up pretty good, blowing up from the south. Unfortunately, it wasn't blowing trout in with it.

Heading back toward the ramp, I came across a shallow point where you could see the discoloration of the water. I figured a nice shelf below might hold a founder or two and was rewarded with another undersized fish... a welcome distraction after a 5 hour slump:

Then back across the creek to the spot where I had caught my first flounder, I found another - this time 17.5in.

We had high hopes for slams & grand slams, but it seems they got pushed out of the creeks and into the river by the last cold snap. Catching a keeper-sized fish within sight of the ramp pretty much rescued the day for me.

All 3 of mine were caught on the camo jerk shad with a 1/4 oz jighead:

A gentleman at the ramp said that the trout have all but moved out of Bath Creek into the Pamlico. Can't say we did anything to prove him wrong. We only saw a couple boats within eyesight on the water all day long and no company in our fishing holes. We did see dozens of boats go over the bridges at Back & Bath creeks, all heading east. Looks like folks were headed further out toward Bellhaven & the Pungo, based on the direction of traffic and some of the other reports we saw this weekend.

This was my first trip to Bath and I came away very impressed. Quite different from the tidal creek inshore fishing I've done before - essentially no tide up there. Aside from the salt and the shallow water, it could have easily passed for Hyco Lake or any other piedmont lake lined with docks & boathouses. Everything looked clean, well kept and residential.

We did get to stop by Capt Mike's place (Rivertime Outfitters) for a few minutes on the ride out. It didn't look like much when it was all boarded up as we rode into town, but when the sun comes out, the doors open up and the lot turns into a playground for water toys. Enjoyed the chance to stop in and I'm sure I'll be back.

Thought the HCKF guys might like to see what their logo looks like on salt... Not much different than fresh - up before dawn, long ride to ramp, launch in 30's, fish hard & ask questions later! (in our case, questions like "where did all the trout go?")

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  1. capt. mike's Avatar
    Great report. I wished I could have talked more. I had just finished up that yellow Redfish for the Gentleman that was there when you came up. He stayed a couple of more hours after you left. His first kayak. I think I created a monster. He's calling daily for fishing reports. Love to have everyone discover our paddling paradise.
  2. kaleb5000's Avatar
    nice report jeff sounds like a good day on the water. thanks for the pics. glad to see you got out to the salt
  3. nraycroft's Avatar
    Great post, Jeff. Glad to see you and Skooteri gettin' on the fish. Next time you guys head that way, drop me a "pm" and/or a phone call and I will try to meet you. Been traveling to and spending 2 days in Norfolk, VA for the past several weeks, so I have not made it to the water lately. With the wife out of town this weekend, it left the nicest weekend of many occupied with my children (though we had a blast together.)

    Take care and keep posting the good news!

  4. yak4fish's Avatar
    thanks for the report.
  5. hoff247's Avatar
    I got there about 2:30 friday. It was my first trip there. Gentleman there was real nice and told us a few places to try. Me and a buddy were in a bass boat. Only got to fish a couple hours, had to get back to take kids out trick or treating. We only had 2 flounder during the trip. The bite was real slow. I was using gulp jerk shad n. chicken and chartruse.
    It is a nice boat ramp, just a little narrow.
  6. NCangler's Avatar
    Great report and photos Jeff. Thanks!
  7. tcfisherman's Avatar
    Great post and pictures Jeff, Bath in great looking town, in the past have a lot of fish there , but have not fished Bath at all this year, but thanks again.........TC