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Cool Day on the Smith - 4 Dec 08

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Was at my "get away" cabin in Bassett in preparation for the Smith River TU meeting on Dec 4, 2008. I had planed to combine the meeting with a little deer hunting which is a sane sport this time of the year because you can bundle up appropriately and even bring a thermos of coffee along to warm the innards. The day was cool and overcast. Perfect conditions for an afternoon deer hunt. I had seen a "shooter buck" that morning and wondered if he would reappear that evening in the same spot.

That sense of "what if" keep crossing my mind as I let myself get talked into going fishing with my good friend Ben (AKA 5xtippet). He has this secret "midge thingy" which has been "killing them" and wanted me to give it a try. (To be honest, going fishing was my idea but looking at the thermometer did give me second thoughts)

We arrived at a good section of the upper river which many of you will recognize. The water was being dimpled by several feeding fish so things were looking good.

I tied on an Allieworm and added the "midge thingy" as a dropper about 6-8 inches below it. This was my first time fishing since October so my main concern was careful wading in order to not take a bath in 44 degree water which was probably warmer then the afternoon air temperature. My first hit was on my yarn strike indicator. It actually put a bend in my rod before pulling free. Soon thereafter I caught the first fish of the trip on, you guessed it - the Allieworm.

The fish continued to rise and dimple the water but for the most part refused my offerings. I eventually caught a few more on the "midge thingy"

We only had a little over an hour to fish before getting cleaned up for the SRTU meeting. I linked up with Ben (Photo below) and found that he had also only caught a small handful of fish.He was fishing the "midge thingy" under an Elk Hair Caddis and at least half his fish were caught on top. We agreed that the bite was off and it was not really a good test of the "midge thingy". It turns out that several other folks had fished just prior to the meeting and our tally, small as it was, was double that of everyone else.

All in all a cool day on the Smith. I think I will stick to deer hunting until things warm up a bit


  1. yak4fish's Avatar
    Pretty fish. A friend and I are looking into fishing the Smith around Xmas and would like to do it out of canoes. Any help or suggested sections would be of great help, never been on it. Just have begun reading about the river. I know of 3 Rivers Outfitters and may try to use their shuttle service. -thanks