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Kayak Striper Quest - Jordan Lake: Mission Accomplished!

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Awarded by , 12-27-2008 at 07:20 PM (2682 Views)

Mission: Catch a freshwater striper from the kayak at Jordan lake.
Status: Read Page 2 to find out!

I've been after Jordan stripers with nothing but shattered hopes to show for my efforts over the last 2 years. Its not quite an obsession, and only represents a half dozen trips, but it has been a nagging hole in my kayak fishing resume.

With the perfect overcast weather and temps in the mid-50s today, I set out on a late December, late afternoon trip. Launched out of Vista Point at about 2:45pm with a half-dozen large minnows and a dozen small.

The tactical change for this trip was using a 1oz Spro bucktail in white, tipped with the bass minnow - I thought that would give me a little more sparkle and a little more profile to make a better live shad knock-off out of my bass minnow.

2nd rod was the standard Carolina-style drift rig. I also had a couple of crappie rods at the ready. Set out drifting with the wind and some light paddling, stopping every so often over a cloud of fish to dangle a crappie minnow. I was fishing 30-35 feet of water and would let the striper rigs drop to the bottom, get a crank or two up and just let them drag behind the boat on only about 25-30 feet of line. Probably moving around 1MPH.

I pretty quickly found the crappies uninterested, but a couple of times I saw fish on the bottom and was able to pull up small white perch on the crappie rig:

At 4:30 the spinning rod with the bucktail bent in half and the fight was on. I babied it, trying to make sure I didn't break anything off before I saw the great beast. Landed, photo'd, measured and released:

Fought like a truck, felt like a ton! Only measured at 20" and 3.8lbs on the scale, but not the least bit disappointing. Just sets the bar for the next one...

For the speckled trout fisherman in the audience, I took a couple of pics of the location. Shouldn't be any trouble finding it:

Here's a better one:

(for the non-trout fisherman, it was probably 3/4 of a mile upstream from Vista Point. Couldn't actually see back to the launch for all the fog and mist that had rolled in.)

So that's it. And it was awesome! Can't wait to do it again, bigger and bolder.
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  1. kaleb5000's Avatar
    congrats jeff on your first jordan yak striper. stripers t are fun arnt they. looked like a nice calm morning
  2. LunkerHunter28's Avatar
    Nice hook up JeffO! It's nice to finally reach a goal in this hobby isn't it?. I'm glad you got the chance to hit the water today.

    I had hopes to do the same but as I finally freed myself from my family, got my gear around, jon boat (finally got one) loaded in the truck w/ intentions of hitting beaver dam, the skies finally opened and it was pushing dusk. Weighing the odds, the drive (from Knightdale), and the worry I'd cause my Mrs. by going out that late....ah heck, I'll go tomorrow regardless of the weather..well....'cept your sporatic north carolina monsoon. I don't have a bilge pump yet .

    I like your set ups too!
  3. d-el's Avatar
    Wow! Great catch! It's always nice when a plan comes together like that.
  4. Topsail Angler's Avatar
    Excellent - congrats on your first Jordan striper!
  5. NCangler's Avatar
    Way to go Jeff!
  6. tarheel fly flinger's Avatar
    Good going, with the determination you displayed I did not think it would take long to gain your goal ...congratulations Jeff.

  7. fishjunky's Avatar
    Attaboy JeffoNC!
  8. zooker's Avatar
    nice fish jeff

    what is the deal with the plastic wrapped cork rod handle??

  9. Jeffonc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zooker
    nice fish jeff
    what is the deal with the plastic wrapped cork rod handle??
    Just lazy. Maybe one day I'll unwrap it and it'll be like getting a brand new rod all over again!
  10. lefty's Avatar
    Hoo Ray! I know you've been waiting a long time for that! Glad you got them!
  11. nraycroft's Avatar
    Nice catch, Jeff! I was hoping to put a striper in the kayak this year as well...year's almost over though.

    Lovin' the whole "plastic on the cork handle thing"...my brother threatened to pull mine off one of my rods (and my DVD player, and my fishfinder, and the list goes on) and I threatened to beat him with the rod.

    Take care and nice way to close the 2008 fishing year...adding the next species to the "caught-in-kayak" list.

  12. KST&BLST's Avatar
    This is impressive and Im very intrigued....how fast do you paddle if you want to troll?
  13. Jeffonc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KST&BLST
    This is impressive and Im very intrigued....how fast do you paddle if you want to troll?
    Full out sprint will go up to 6mph, but you can't keep it at speed for very long before you're winded. Luckily not much freshwater trolling requires 6mph around here. A steady stroke can sustain 3-4mph. When I caught the striper I was probably only moving around 1mph - just doing some assist paddles to keep the boat moving on a line while I was being pushed by the light wind (kayaks tend to seek broadside to the wind). Without downriggers you can't go much faster and still keep a hanging bait from pulling up into the top of the water column. During the summer I'll tow crankbaits at 2-4 mph in open water looking for schools of white bass & LM.
  14. StriperSniper's Avatar
    Welcome to the club! It's in your blood now. You'll be trading that kayak in for a center console next year! lol
  15. Jeffonc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sniper
    Welcome to the club! It's in your blood now.
    Thanks Troy! I actually had a moment on the drive down Saturday when I wondered if maybe I'd be disappointed if&when I finally got one into the kayak. Not a problem - it is in my blood now! As soon as I catch another couple hundred of them maybe I'll open up a guide service too...
    Quote Originally Posted by Sniper
    You'll be trading that kayak in for a center console next year! lol
    Sounds good, but for the next couple years we've got a little parking situation, and after that we'll have a little tuition situation. Unless we change the equation on the house or college financing, kayaks will continue to fit in the available garage and wallet-space!
  16. moseyak's Avatar
    Nice report Jeff, thanks for the info! I have been chasing everything else on Jordan in the Yak for awhile, this inspires me to aim higher in my goals..
  17. live2fish's Avatar
    Great story! Congrats. I've been wanting to try getting one of those from a kayak for a few years, but just haven't tried for various useless excuses. Maybe I'll have to drive down the road and wet a line. Thanks for the inspiration!
  18. ebogdanski's Avatar
    Always good to see a nice fish, especially in winter!
  19. DRCATFISH's Avatar
    Nice one I bet that pull u al over the lake
  20. DRCATFISH's Avatar
    Hey could some one send me some info