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Personal Best GATOR !!

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26.5" 6 lb.

After a day of sitting around watching it rain here at Surf City I decided to get out and enjoy an usually warm December afternoon. I chose to try some of the clear green water behind the island and boy I'm glad I did. First strike was a puppy drum followed by another so I figured I was in a school. After 2 or 3 I got a nice thump on the XlR-8 and this fish didn't budge much. He soon came up to the top and did the washtub whirl. I figured a bigger drum and didn't get too excited about it. He made some deep runs and slowly got him close to the boat and low and behold there was a monster trout cruising around with a xrap in his mouth. I couldn't believe it, big wide head shakes instead of the normal trout shake and he had me fooled all the way to the boat.

Now we make eye contact and he don't want any part of the boat. Started peeling drag and every time I got him near the boat he'd peel some more. Finally got him in net range and it was a task working that big heavy rubber net and fight this beast at the same time. But he was hooked good and I soon steered him in the net. Man my knees were weak, my arms felt numb. What a relief to see that fish laying in the boat. The two weeks of vacation during trout season have been good to me this year producing three fish over citation length. Man what more could a guy ask for. Each of the 3 caught in three different areas miles apart. I sure hope we have many more years like this!

Met uo with Bob aslo known as JUSTADDWATER a little later and we caught a few more small fish to make a perfect ending to a good day. I hadn't fished with Bob in a while and it was good to share the boat again for some good ole smack talkin. I won the smallest trout of the afternoon contest hands down and Bob put a couple of nice keepers in the boat.

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