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Introducing our Staff

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Awarded by , 01-31-2009 at 05:39 PM (1681 Views)
Hi folks. Since the fishing blog entries have been a little slow the past month or so and I spend so much time programming and running the website that I don't get to post that much these days, I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce hundreds of new members to to our staff.

I am Randy Durham, aka NCangler. I am a NC native and I started on January 1, 2005. The goal was to create a website that could become a resource for fishing information from the mountains to the coast, freshwater, saltwater, fly-fishing, kayak fishing, etc. The goal also was for the site to be "family-friendly", a place where I'd be comfortable for my wife and my daughter to drop in at anytime and feel comfortable. To that end, as many will tell you, we moderate some posts when we feel it is necessary. We also don't allow flaming, etc. (see our Guidelines page). As a result I believe we have one of the most positive online fishing communities around. And since 2005 we have grown to over 11,000 registered members with almost 20,000 visitors per week! To assist me with moderating threads, posts, photos, etc. two great North Carolina Anglers volunteered to assist.

Randy - NCangler

A special thank you to Mike (Topsail Angler) and Jeff (Jeffonc) for their tireless contributions to Most folks have no idea how much work goes into programming and maintaining a website like this. I could not do it with out these guys. Please let them know how much you appreciate their service.

Mike - TopsailAngler

Mike lives in the Hampstead area and fishes every chance he gets. He has his own fishing site that you should visit at Mike is a talented Marketing/Sales person and has assisted me in developing our online store He is also a great chef!

Jeff - Jeffonc

Jeff lives in the Triangle area and is an avid kayak fisherman. He has helped develop our Kayak Angler community on and has been invaluable at assisting with some programming challenges.

Finally I want to thank all our members for your contributions of fishing information to We love fishing photos, fishing reports, tips, etc. so keep them coming! And a special thank you to our Captains Club Members, NCangler Sponsor Members and Commercial Sponsors for their support that enable me to keep this site growing. Finally, thank you to our members that have served or are serving our country in our armed forces. You folks have our respect and gratitude.

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  1. crappie89's Avatar
    A motley looking crew for sure!
  2. BigE818's Avatar
    Thank you guys for all your effort and hard work,it IS greatly appreciated! You guys ROCK!! Ya diggin me??? lol Again,Thank you guys!
  3. Island Man's Avatar
    Well I would just like to Thank Randy (NC Angler) for building such a great site that anglers can come to and share thoughts, ideas, stories and pictures. I havent been a member long but have really enjoyed the site. It has allowed me to meet many others who share similar interest and helped me gain a wealth of information about nc fisheries. It also gives me a place to tell *BIGGUNS* fish stories, and hear some from others, a place to relax with other fishermen at the end of the day and chat a spell.

    Also Thanks to Mike (Topsail Angler) and Jeff (Jeffonc) for helping Randy maintain the site. I know it is quite a chore to maintain such a website and its users, especially when their fishermen lol.

    Thanks again guys
  4. StriperSniper's Avatar
    Thanks guys for everything you do to provide us with an awesome fishing site!
  5. FLWBassFan's Avatar
    I read your posting. Thanks for providing the service that you are and allowing the community a discussion area.
  6. burrowswl's Avatar
    Keep it up fellas this is a great site and it is much appreciated.........
  7. tcfisherman's Avatar
    Thanks guys for doing a great job...................Tc
  8. capt. mike's Avatar
    In the imortal words of Gomer Pyle. Thank Ya, Thank Ya, Thank Ya. If there's anything me or my shop can do for you or any NC Angler member all you have to do is ask.
  9. Slowriser's Avatar
    I believe that this is truly one, if not the best, sharing communities I have ever experienced. I met Randy at a boat show in Raleigh, and fished with Mike at Topsail. Both are great men of faith and fishermen. Thanks to all three of you for your efforts. It is refreshing to come to a place to learn, share, and laugh. I tell people about this site every time the opportunity permits. I hope that you have many more years of success in everything you do. Thanks again.
  10. havelockguy's Avatar
    Great site keep it up, by far the best NC fishing site i have found
  11. JimmyLee's Avatar