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Not a numbers day

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Awarded by , 12-28-2017 at 02:02 PM (415 Views)
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Got the opportunity to fish with some friends on my Friday off before the Christmas holiday, so swampin' and I hopped in the car to go for a boat ride down east! I had to privilege to ride on the Ugly Duckling with j.edwards (thanks man!!!), so we boarded and headed off to find some stripers before the sun was up.

We got to the first spot, and my second cast with the ol' chartreuse spook jr. I was hooked up with a nice fish... which came unbuttoned. The stage was set for the morning, because I lost 8 other stripers of varying size in quick succession, while Jon had no issues getting a nice ~24" in the boat ASAP. These fish were pretty picky, hitting on the pause and behaving a little more trouty than I was accustomed to. Excuses abound. Anyhow, this bank died off and we went searching.

Before long, Jon had a chunky lil largemouth in the boat that slurped the spook. Meanwhile, I pulled the boat along the bank as I went from log to log, unsnagging my jig and zman repeatedly.

Eventually, it became clear that the striped fish weren't gonna cooperate, so we set off in search of the trout. Jon picked at the trout with MR17's at the next spot, while I began to let the idea of a skunk sink in. Pretty soon, the skunk was off as I managed to tailhook a gargantuan gizzard shad. Does that even count?

A few casts later, I had resumed slow jigging when the line went tight on what was surely a skunk. False! 24" speck in the boat. Fought like a shoe. Got some pictures and then she went to walk the plank

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Got back to business and began to throw the MR a little bit as we got into the back of a creek where the bait was boiling. Jon soon caught a 19" trout that came home with me. A few casts later, I felt some weight on the MR, and pulled in a feisty bass.

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We wrapped up around 2ish as hunger called from afar. My general observations were that fish that came on jigs reacted much more subtly, while the takers on the MRs hit with a lot more gusto. And like I said above, the stripers were a lot more sluggish than I'd seen in the past.

Thanks for reading! I hope to find some better numbers this coming weekend.

PS... dang it Andy (ahodges), that gator you caught makes mine look like a baby! Congrats on the blog award!